Chinese Mobile Users Entertainment Behavior Report in 2014


China Internet Network Information Center(CNNIC) had released 2014 China Mobile Netizens Entertainmet Report (The Report). The Report revealed that 98% netizens used mobile applications (app) such as music, video, game, reader and so on in past half years  (before Dec.2014). Entertainment apps have become one of the three main incomings in mobile internet industry as well as internet advertisements and e-commerce.

Mobile entertainment app users scale growing steady, users’ dependency gradually strengthened
Mobile entertainment apps penetration rate increased steady. The growth rate of mobile music is 7.6% and 6.8% of mobile video, which is the biggest growth rate of entertainment apps. And the users number of mobile game and novel readers is stable. At the same time, the coverage time spending on mobile entertainment increased to 158 minutes/day from 109minutes/day in 2013, the growth rate increased by 45%.This is a dramatic growth which attributed to the quality improvement of video contents and mobile games. 66.1% users have awareness of that they cultivated dependency of mobile entertainments.

Mobile entertainment industries are fighting for the contents copyright
Competition for copyright of high quality content in 2014 has become the strategic focus of all kinds of mobile entertainment enterprises. Some video websites invested heavily to buy copyright of hot TV dramas, causing most of the domestic video sites are losing. Mobile game platform successfully convert readers and fans to game player through transplanting the high quality contents of novels and films. Mobile music makers are obtained releasing artists’ exclusive new singles in their own platforms through signing with artists. Tencent (the biggest instant messaging enterprise in China) uses the Cloudary’s (the giant in the field of online literature in China) first-hand high quality intellectual property resources for other entertainment games through purchasing it.

CNNIC analysts think that with the normalization process of the market, in the next few years, the fight for IP will be more intense. Firms will use outstanding work's  copyright to gradually build barriers to competition, and it will be common that tycoons in the content industry will take measures to crack down on the competitors .This kind of situation may have a certain influence on users in initial stage , but in the long run, the consciousness of right protection is the real reflect that the market is matured.

Mobile games become more complex, delicateness  will become a trend
The time spent on and use frequency of mobile phone games has greatly improved compared with the last year. Last year, the proportion that players use a mobile phone to play games over an hour a day was only 11.6%, but it rose to 55.3% this year, increased by 43.7%; As for use frequency, the proportion of playing mobile games more than once everyday grew by 14.7% compared with last year, to 44.8%. The time and frequency increase marked that the user viscosity of mobile phone games has increased significantly in the past year, and the main cause of this result lies in that mobile games become more complex and delicate.

Mobile entertainment will have impact on other entertainments
Mobile entertainment has the characteristics of fragmentation, only 24.4% of mobile netizens think that mobile entertainment reduced their other daily entertainments, but it has enormous influence on the computer entertainment. When asked if mobile entertainment made their time spent on computer entertainment become less, the ratio rose to 46%. Because of the advantages of portability, a large number of users transformed from PC to mobile that has a huge impact on computer entertainment.

Pan-entertainment is the trend
Pan-entertainment refers to that through the symbiosis of various of fields based on Internet and mobile Internet domain, make star fans economy of intellectual property rights, its core is the IP which has a large size of fans, and the first practitioner of this concept domestic is Tencent. Pan-entertainment is the trend, enterprises with mature economic and technical strength can optimize its resource allocation by this way, fully make use of its IP resource advantage. At the same time, this phenomenon also put a lot of pressure to small and medium enterprises whose economic strength are not enough to buy a good IP resources, promoting their independent innovation and the healthy development of the industry on the whole.


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