How to Be a Better Marketing Consultant?


Smart business owners know that effective marketing is the key to success during both good and bad economic times. The problem is that many business find it hard to adapt their marketing strategies to today’s economic climate.

This is not surprising as successful business promotion requires rich marketing experience and expertise that many business don’t have in-house.

An experienced business marketing consultant can facilitate organizations to reconnect with their customers and promote their products and services more effectively. They can also help the company understand and leverage latest marketing tactics. Below are what an excellent marketing consultant can provide.

      1. Analyze business plan.

      2. Customize a strategic marketing plan, content marketing strategy and social media marketing strategy to generate business leads, engage with existing and potential customers, and increase revenue.

      3. Provide detailed plans for the tactical implementation of the strategy.

      4. Bring marketing into the digital era, and embrace powerful, scalable technologies.

      5. Draft a positioning statement and deliver clear messages that could differentiate you from your rivals.

      6. Structure or restructure your marketing department.

      7. Put clear metrics in place to track progress.

Moreover, you should also know about how to be a better partner to our clients, which may lead to mutual growth and success.

1. Master Multiple Abilities and Be Any Role for Your Customers

Suppose you are in a business relationship, both parties are likely to contribute multiple skills, and adjust self-position based on the needs of the other party at any given moment. In such a case, you may have to be a strategist, producer, copywriter, student, educator, innovator, analyst or just a friend.

2. Get Out of the Comfort Zone

Both parties in a business relationship need constant incentive and motivation to avoid sluggishness. You can’t expect a good performance of clients, campaigns or processes when all the activities of a business project are not effectively pushed forward.

It’s suggested to work on ways about how to take the first step out of the comfort zone. Some initiatives may be worthy to have a try, such as bringing fresh ideas to the table, helping clients find the resources needed for new ideas, pushing your clients to take acceptable risks, trying new things, and breaking out of the comfort zones.

3. Make It Personal

Email is good, but don’t be afraid of picking up the phone. So how can you be the type of person that your clients would like to talk to? Ask about their old days, share some daily stories, send personal notes and make them believe that you do care. If needed, you could also show your interests in how your customers get into the business they are undertaking now, how they achieve what they possess today, or what it's like to have a good balance of work and leisure.

Probably they’ve gone through same things that you are going through today, which presents a good opportunity for you to find some common topics to foster friendships, and to further demonstrate that you value your client not only because you are in a business cooperation.

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