How SEO Strategy Was Applied in Travel Industry


Search engines have become one of the most dominant sources of information in regards to the travel industry. Many recent studies show that more and more travelers are using the Internet to find travel information and inspirations. The Internet, especially online searches, has become a key for people to discover travel ideas and plan their trips. In addition, travelers are increasingly turning to their computers and even mobile devices to book their trips. This is good news for travel brands focusing on digital marketing and promoting quality content about travel destinations, experiences, ideas and tips. But at the same time, the significance of the Web in travel researches and planning means that the tourism businesses nowadays face fierce competition. That’s why you need a focused and strategic approach to do SEO, in a bid to increase the chance of your web content being found by your target audience. Here are some SEO rules:

Destination Searches. The vast majority of travel-related searches are about destinations. Whether you are marketing travel products or flights all over the world or focusing on only one specific region, you’re going to develop a range of products tailored to specific destination to improve your rankings in the searching results of different destinations. Measures you can take include: keyword research for each destination, geo-targeted landing pages with optimized title tags and meta descriptions, branded content, optimized local social profiles and so on. The true value of SEO is that it can further guide users who are already in the conversion process, and the best way to achieve that is to provide specific destination-based info.

Content Strategy. By developing index able destination-specific sub-directories with optimized title tags, Meta descriptions, header tags and copy, you only take the first step to connect your site with targeted keywords. Search engines are also partial to sites that update frequently and produce quality, relevant content. A proactive content strategy, therefore, is more about adding and repeating keywords, and creating assets you can share and promote on social media. It’s also about developing assets that can contain different targeted keyword combinations to enhance the site’s ranking in google search results.

Correct Keywords. The guidelines for keyword usage have changed in recent years. In the past, many website owners try so hard to improve their google ranking by applying various keyword strategies; Google now have banned “black hat SEO” behaviors. Instead, you are required to focus on producing great travel-related content with just 3-4 keywords on each page, and be sure to include keywords in the title, content, Meta Description, as well as ALT tags on your images and videos.

A Travel Blog. It’s an ideal way to make your SEO strategy fully penetrated you’re your content by starting an interesting and engaging travel blog. A weekly or biweekly updated blog allows you to continually add new content to your travel website (one of the key elements Google looks for), keeping search engines interested and crawling your content so you can stay on top of search results. You can feature new keywords according to the ever-changing trending topics in the travel industry, and gain new links from interested readers who are eager to share your content with others.

Social Marketing Strategies. Social marketing strategies can help to promote your travel website effectively, leading visitors to your blog and generating some non-search-based traffic, which in turn, Google will reward you by enhancing your website’s position in search engine results. And “mobile-friendly” has recently been added to the metrics that Google uses to rank the websites in search results. Therefore, a responsive travel website with mobile-friendly design will help you please many travelers who now rely on mobile devices. Meanwhile it will also improve your ranking in search results, so you can reach a wider audience.

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