How to Succeed in Digital Marketing in China


If you are marketing yourself to China, it is important to know the market and to be aware of current trends, so that you can join the most of them. Traditional methods of marketing and advertising are no more in vogue right now. Business prefer to use multiple content tools, including news releases, websites or mini-sites, and social media such as Weibo or WeChat. By adopting new digital media for brand communication, it’s easier to get media attention, increase web traffic, improve brand loyalty, and make more product sales. Here, I have some helpful tips for your 2016 resolutions:



Quality content is essential for every company in any sector. Why is content so important? Content is the key to develop your brand by providing more information to your customers and potential customers. It is in this content that you build your trust with consumers, develop your brand image and show your expertise.

This year, the Content Marketing Institute showed in a study that 86% of B2B organizations had a content marketing strategy, which illustrates our remarks on the importance of content. Hoping that these numbers will encourage more and more companies that have not yet taken initiatives on their content, it is time to invest in a strategy with qualitative content, otherwise you could jeopardize your business.

Quality content also has the effect of boosting your ranking on search engines, especially when your content reflects the image of your brand and what perception customers may have on you.



To boost your SEO, you have to pay attention to visual content of your website. Google has recently made updates and offered premium quality content according to keywords optimization. Search engines use a SERP (search engine results page), a ranking to judge whether the information is good on the page, how long visitors stay on the page ( “Dwell Time”), and also to see how often users click on the rest of the site.

More visual content will make the users stay longer on your web page, in a result, you can take advantages of keywords and descriptions for better SEO strategy. Moreover, we note that the SEO strategy evolves with the way users use search engines. Users know more about doing research, more than just simple keywords.



It has now become imperative to adapt the website at Mobile format. Particularly in China, where 630 million people are mostly connected through their smartphones. The new generation born in the digital age is always accompanied by a smartphone or a tablet, so it is necessary to invest in the mobile end. 87% of people have admitted that they have never been without their phone, the smartphone is part of the daily life. Many users say that too many sites are still not that compatible with mobile end, which reduces the chances of these sites to be visited.

Many users do their shopping directly on their smartphone, or do research on mobile products. It is therefore essential to ensure not to lose these internet sales due to improper mobile sites.

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