How to Use Data to Stimulate Tighter Relationship with Your Client


The rapid development of the digital age makes marketers face greater difficulties when they try to establish contact with consumers. As a marketer, our one goal is to build brand and establish more closely relationship, so we must do our utmost to understand our customers to create valuable and sustainable development of win-win relation. And data is the key factors contributing to this result. In addition, we also need to learn the information they think important and the communication methods they prefer. In a word, establishing a meaningful and emotional contact is an important way to achieve long-term and potential return.

Compared with the past, the brand now has more partners to choose from. But only choosing the right partner has the chance of success. At the same time, the marketing environment is increasingly complicated. The media need to design corresponding content to cater to costumers’ needs. According to the convenience of digital era, a small online shop store can create million dollars profit and big companies can more effectively play its scale advance. Digital era brings countless and display content, views, clicks, downloads and other relevant data. Wise and continuous analysis of these data can bring about consumer insight, insight can help marketers and consumers strengthen the contact.

How to analysis the data better.

First of all, we should integrate the existing online and offline database so that we can learn the customers’ shopping habits. From the existing data can achieve results in a short time. By the integration of online and offline shopping data and customers file data, we can change the product model into value model through dividing customers into different groups.

Start your marketing strategies

Making data strategies needs other apartments except IT apartment
As marketers, we are the creator of the data and users. You can design data strategy blueprint, then cooperate IT apartment to develop a flexible and controllable data strategies .You can get the short-term visible result and budget according to your own pace.

Integrate the data, system and your team.

In the new era of marketing, integration is an important concept. You can store data in different systems like e-commerce, shopping, return, marketing plan, calling center. You need to integrate these data, but not only involve the data in the process. Your also need to integrate your technology ecological system to ensure that data can be exchanged perfectly and give costumers’ smooth experience at the same time. This is a process of cooperation, everyone need to provide good service for our customers.

Content is the key in the key point.

Making content really needs a lot if investment, but with the help of data information and technology, the process of building relationships will become cheaper and more efficient. Tagging and tracking your content properly is to make sure that their design is not only suitable for mobile devices, also can use cookies to collect hidden data about costumers’ prefers. In addition, do not forget to use the current mainstream of dynamic content delivery.

Grab any chance to test and earn experience

Sometimes, common sense will mislead your decision, so do not figure out the idea of costumers. On the contrary, we must seize every opportunity to test and find out the feasible methods.

The market is changing at an unprecedented speed. Smart marketers must reflect on hoe to catch up with the latest trends and technology in order to enhance profitability and strengthen brand awareness. Return on date strategy investment is not immediate. Starting from the data audit, organizing and analyzing date and defining the rigorous test plan, all of these are the basis of successful data strategies.


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