The Importance of PR Strategy for Events in China


Events bring great opportunities to market your products and services, meet potential clients, make new contracts, and of course show your expertise. Generally, events in China may be held online or offline. When promoting the event, we must always keep in mind all the essential PR strategies. 1. Set a Date for Your Event Before you set a date for your event in China, make sure you have enough time to promote it. There is no point in holding an amazing event if you only have a few days to advertise it and get the participants on seats. If you want as many Chinese audience as possible to hear about it, share it and sign up for it, you’d better plan it at least 3 weeks ahead. Next you need to create a PR Plan of Action. 2. Create an Online Community If you want to hold the event in China, you should look for the Chinese social media platforms where your target Chinese audience may be. Your community should have a same name across all platforms, and the name must be related to your event. In the pre-event phase, don’t just use Chinese social media as your marketing tools, you should also share information about your conference topic. This will be communicated to your Chinese audience, and tell them you have a wealth of information to share. If your event is annual, you need to maintain your social media platforms for all year round, with a stronger presence and promotion several months ahead of the event. 3. Use Your Talent If you’re hosting an event in China, you may have a range of speakers who are experts in their fields, and you can use them as your media talents. For each event you are organizing, there should always be at least one person you can designate to deal with media for interviews. This may be a guest speaker, an MC or a star from the entertainment. When journalists are writing stories, they want to talk to someone who is a proven expert or a thought leader in their field; if they attend your event, it demonstrates they have some sorts of expertise to share. 4. Get Your News Noticed An event in China is a great time to make a new product launch or release other important announcements. If it is a large event, do remember to get your news delivered to your target Chinese audience via media. You might release your news in advance, or have an exclusive press conference for journalists. 5. Assess Your Achievement After the event, you should assess your results vs. your goals which you set before the event. You need to ask yourself whether you have achieved a positive ROI for the event. If the event is annual, it’s better to think about whether it is successful enough to reinvest it next year.

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