New Media Trend and Marketing Value in China in the Next Decade


In the next decade, China’s consumer structure will be undergoing great changes, featuring 500 million consumers from the 80s, 90s or even 00s generations. Therefore, enterprises that spot the features of these consumer groups will have an opportunity to make a difference in the future’s competitive market.
A latest research indicates that, media habits have undergone dramatic changes compared with 70s, 80s and 90s. As a major social contributor in China, consumers in the 80s had a quite distinct lifestyle from those in the 70s, who preferred to watch TV for long hours, and they would rather save more time on media contacts. As for 90s, the way messages were received changed completely, and devices such as PCs and smartphones were widely used by people.  It’s no secret that various social media have become fundamental channels to connect individuals in the 80s, the 90s and in the new millennium with the world. 

According to a survey on media habits of people born in the 80s and 90s, a little over 40% of them seldom watch TV. About 25% of them would turn on the TV set for at least every 3 days. Only a few people from the 80s would watch TV every day, except that most programs they are interested in are talent PK shows. Therefore, a conclusion can be drawn namely that TV influences few people from the 80s and 90s generations and that its influence is weaker than before. As TV gradually loses its dominant position, new media and social media are showing more profound effects on the 80s and 90s generations of people.

To have a comprehensive understanding of the influences and values of new media and social media, we need to firstly identify what originated them.

On the one hand, under the circumstance of Internet and Mobile Internet, the time and ways for consumers to engage and respond to media are different than before. The rise of new media results in a diversified lifestyle of 80s and 90s’ generations, who grew up in the Internet era and immerged themselves into online amusements. When it comes to their daily life, they are overwhelmed by all kinds of outdoor digital screens, provided with cellphones almost 24/7. 

On the other hand, new consumer behaviors lead to changing promotional channels, benefiting the rapid growth of precise ads, e-commerce, online community, online videos, network TV, etc. It is strongly demonstrated that the key of brand’s online seeding depends on the understanding and satisfaction of customer’s demand through transmission and communication, rather than simply finish the commercial transaction.

In the era of Internet and Mobile Internet, most communities online consist of social tools like Microblog, WeChat, SNS, etc., which bring in significant value for branding. Essentially, these tools provide platforms for people with similar habits and interests to gather and discuss topics.

In face of the trends of new media and social media, what steps should operators take to bring consumers’ value? Currently, the best answer is to make full use of WeChat and Microblog as well as other social tools. One thing you need to know is that an efficient and well-managed official account will create value for followers in your community and it is likely to generate sales leads if charges are well accepted.

As people of the 80s, 90s and even 00s are becoming the mainstream class of consumers, operators are urgently required to obtain insights of new media trends and patterns; for seizing upcoming business opportunities in the next decade, operators need to embrace new media and upgrade themselves to get in line with the consuming market.


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