Offline Mobile Payment Investigation: Discount is More Attractive than Allowance


Many interesting changes are happening in the recent technology circle. Both internet companies and cellphone producers are busy in the same thing, eliminating wallet.

The flexible e-payment has no doubt that it is more convenient than wallet and the fingerprint recognition and the gesture to unlock make it safer. In theory, limited by the coverage and the traditional habits, the replacement is not easy.

In the offline environment, how to break through the dilemma. In a recent research, a conclusion as drawn according to 6000 responses to the questionnaires.

Offline payment: men’s reception is higher.

In the research, most of men have used the offline payment and nearly all the rest are willing to try. By contrast, women’s rate is quite lower and relatively more women refuse to have a try.

The situation in different cities is different as expected. The level higher, the users more.

Why they choose the e-payment.?

Convenience and allowance are the main reasons but the convenience is more influential than allowance. 

Curiosity and recommendation can also promote the step of offline payment. But the impact is quite limited. Moreover, media report’s influence is the least among the elements.

The top 3 places for e-payment: restaurant >supermarket> shopping mall

Convenience store, vending machine, bookshop, parking lot and drugstore also share the rate but it is not very high. 

Allowance is the main method to encouraging users to give up using their wallets. In the research, discount is the most welcome form and nearly half of the users support it.

Cash-back is the second form of privilege. Lottery and coupon also can attract users’ attention. But their rate is obviously lower than allowance. 

Reward points” is the weakest stimulation and few users are willing to use the e-payment. 

Besides security, people worry that there are not enough offline merchants. But few users worry if there are discounts.

When talking about the sex, men worry more about the amount of merchants but the women care more about the security. Nearly no difference in the discounts.

The difference of city performances significantly in this research. The higher level city is, the less worries users have, but cares the amount of offline merchants.

In a word, e-payment has wide and bright future, besides as an instrument of payment, as well as the important entrance of service.

In this research, the majority of users have used the e-payment, and the male users’ rate in big city is higher. The main reason of people using e-payment are the convenience and the discounts. But in the offline environment, the security of e-payment is the most worrying question. With the popularity of smart phones and O2O, more and more consumption scenarios are exploited and displayed, so the importance of offline consumption is more and more obvious in e-payment.


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