The Old Way of Communication is out of Date


Subversion and reconstruction, integration and innovation, characterize the internet world and also the ever-changing era. In light of this, brand communication must strongly adapt itself to the internet rules. By doing so, it can survive and develop under the new reality and new pattern.

However, with the emergence of new media led by platforms such as WeChat and Weibo, brand communication is becoming more mature and fast catching up with these new patterns.

Traditional methods of communication are experiencing changes. This is the reason why defining a brand’s communication strategy, and how to choose a right platform, remains a primary issue for every enterprise.

1. Reform and innovation, put away the old way Many new media enterprises are still doing '+Internet'. They define content and find content, then upload them on Weibo, WeChat platforms. That is not new media under the background of information explosion.

New media should focus on how to make new, as this is the spirit of Internet+. If we adapt Internet and technology into brand communication, we will have accidental gains.

2. Enterprise Media Matrix Enterprise Media is the current trend, which features setting up a media matrix of its own, such as: pc official website + WeChat public account + Enterprise Weibo and etc.

One hand, enterprises can meet their needs of daily operations, helping operators to master full-range media features, improving their sensibility of media hot spots, communication rules and communication channels; on the other hand, more funds and resources can be used in promoting great events.

3. Founder branding In an era of information explosion, a lower recognition of brand is an inevitable trend. New media is changing the traditional brand information communication, from point-to-plane to point-to-point, from passive consumer to consumer oriented. Brand is becoming an ever-important invisible asset for enterprises. Therefore, a new mode of Product + Enterprise + Founder should be applied into new media enterprises.

4. Socialization of Transmission The distinct aspect of community lies in its ability to reconstruct promotional platforms, which completely overturn the traditional communicating methods. A regular promotion can be divided into two parts: one is about planning and focusing on the content while the other is about channels, through which we are able to spread the messages. It, therefore, raises the concern whether channels of communication and consumers stay unchanged. Following the dominance of online socializing tools, it’s obvious that people are immersing themselves into the online community, such as WeChat, QQ etc, more than ever. This undoubtedly provides marketers with a golden chance to further promote their products.

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