Recognition of Traditional Broadcasting in New Media Environment


In pace with the fast-change new media, broadcasting, as one of the traditional media, has an urgent need to understand the ever-changing media market, reconsider its self-judgment, and define their own market position or direction.

I.Recognition of the relation between new and old media in a new media environment

First of all, it’s necessary for us to identify the relation between “Media, traditional media and new media”. Here’s the explanation cited from BAIDU:  Media refer to the carrier which is used to deliver messages. Traditional media differentiate themselves from the new emerging Internet media in terms of transmission modes, and their focal communicative channels include newspapers, outdoor ads, broadcasting, TV and other traditional platforms. “Based on digital information technology, new media is a creative form with a feature of interactive communication”, defined by Wang Changbin, general secretary of New Media Industry Alliance.

II.Recognition of “Content-focus” thinking pattern in broadcasting industry

Content-focus” strategy has rooted in the mind of traditional media players, and their belief in it seems to be their last draw in face of new media’s rapid development. It’s no doubt that content is very important, but in order to maximize the value, some other elements such as related chains, key points and key steps, should be given more weight.

Traditional media need to refresh their understanding about “Content -focus” strategy and improve the connection between content and outlets. A very typical case is often seen: a traditional channel with a large amount of original content produced, is usually highly impacted and weakened by new media, due to the lack of copywriting and the affluence of plagiarism cases registered on online platforms

III. Analysis of traditional broadcasting audiences

Prior to the rising of TV, broadcasting had a wide range of audiences, covering a wide range of groups and social classes. As TV came to our life, broadcasting viewers were regarded as people without a good education, decent pay or a high social status. Later on, following the rise of the car industry, broadcasting came alive powered by the auto mobile terminals, but again hit by the emergence of various information networks and especially hampered by access to free download sources. What’s worse, giants of new media finally spot the business opportunities in the auto mobile market and went to dominate the market in great length, which definitely further decreased the number of the broadcasting audience.

IV. Reflection on the value of traditional broadcasting channels

In order to be successfully competitive with new media, major broadcasting stations scramble for establishing websites to realize online listening. Some traditional media overestimate their performance online and expect to prove their advantages over new media based on some absolute data. Yet the competition on-screen is fierce and infinite, its data is just for reference. Under such circumstances, traditional media should keep making an effort in order to prove their place next to the new means of communication

V. Reflection on the countermeasures that traditional broadcasting shall take

Firstly, traditional media should make peace with the fact that the generation of traditional media has been now surpassed by more contemporary communication methods. However, no matter how robust the new media market is, traditional broadcasting still represents a solid platform to spread information.
In face of new media, traditional media shall revalue themselves and try to detect the breakthrough point. A valuable way would be to boost online traffic by producing excellent original content, and convert this traffic to customers demand for offline products and services. For traditional broadcasting, it is urgent to put all the human and material resources and win the battle through up-to-date concepts and management modes. A dedicated team armed with new media vision should be established as a priority issue to facilitate the truthful implementation of long-term development. 


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