Social Media Is Transforming Festival Retail


In the retail market, the evolution of social platforms is closely related to mobile phone trends and E-business. Data from Custora shows mobile traffic of E-business websites reached 37%, with an increase of 3% over the past 4 years. According to corporation data, social media and E-business are considered parallel operations, and 92% of the users will choose the products recommended by their peers. Besides, a research from ODM Mobile Marketing Company indicates that 74% of the users will disclose their purchasing choices on social media platforms.

New functions on social media have turned social tools into sales tools, and the advantages are reflected in the consuming patterns of wealthy users: approaching new customers and motivate the affectioned ones while presenting the best image of your brand.

All the enterprises, including E-business and traditional retailers, should have a good understanding of how holiday shopping works; in fact, it’s critical for them to identify how social media are influencing potential buyers.

The core of users’ experience on social media platforms lies in users’ engagement and brand’s response, namely the principle of customer service. Being social media a powerful source of influence for customers, it comes natural that a brand’s official online account is the most effective channel to deliver that brand’s message.

Shopping seasons, especially during pick days, buyers may not enjoy their purchasing experience due to the general shopping hysteria;  therefore, to tackle this problem, a service team shall be established in advance to put forward effective solutions and guarantee prompt customer support, so as to strengthen the brand image in the eyes of the users.

Monitoring social platforms is the first step to win the E-business battle. In addition to deal with negative comments and concerns, we should be engaging users by analyzing their emotions and key words they use, which can also be applied as an effective marketing strategy.

During the first steps of the branding process business owners tend to attract consumers by providing rich content; for instance, if you want to promote goods in a oversea market, uploading videos on Twitter and Periscope is an excellent choice. Through infographics and visualized guidance you can deliver a cheerful shopping experience.

Every interaction with your followers via social media channel is a golden chance to remind your customers that behind the brand there’s a real person to serve you. A smart brand will interact with its followers in an approachable and accommodating manner.
Just keep one thing in mind and it’s that no promotion is more valuable than the recommendation from a satisfied user.


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