Some Useful Tips for Email Marketing Beginners


There’s no doubt that email is a powerful medium with a unique combination of scale and speed. It’s one of the few levers that can facilitate marketers to drive short-term results, from boosting online revenue to increasing event registration and app downloads. By adopting email marketing, it will be easier to attract new customers and keep close relationships with existing loyal customers.

Email marketing can be generally divided into 4 types: email newsletter, acquisition emails, retention emails, and promotional emails. Among the four types, email newsletter is the most popular form of email marketing that is commonly used in the industry. It will do good to deepen your relationships with subscribers, increase retention and engagement, and strengthen subscriber loyalty and their likelihood to recommend you. For those who have opted into your emails but haven’t yet converted, acquisition emails can drive trial and signups among them. While retention emails is a powerful way to keep hard-won users or customers active. Promotional emails is a great tool to reward engaged subscribers with special offers, and drive the sales of new products or services.

Next, let’s dive in and see what we able to do with email marketing.

1.    More time in planning

For normal email marketing, we should do more work and prepare more for peak-time promotion such as holiday, back to school, Super Bowl and others. The key is to understand your target audience first and know exactly what you’re going to need to hit them. However, it’s also necessary to plan for some contingencies ahead in case you need to quickly turn your normal email into a campaign.

2.    Treating customers with personalized message

We recommend you to make your email marketing more personalized. Rather than sending out the same emails to everyone, it’s better to analyze the feedback you got and reclassify your email list based on your analyzing results. In this way you can make customers feel like you’re reading their minds because you do care about them. Personalized email marketing doesn’t mean that you send an individual email to every single subscriber. Instead it means that you use customer data to create a personalized message.

3.    Prepare mobile friendly emails

According to data in 2012, 27% of all marketing emails were opened on a mobile device. And that number jumped up from 42% in 2014 to 54% in 2017. Furthermore, a study by Flexmail found that 36% of B2B companies have optimized their email campaigns to better fit in mobile devices. It turns out an overall improvement of the email performance was seen in the campaign. One more advice for all email marketers, you should keep the subject line and pre-header short, and make the CTA (call to action) big and obvious in your mobile email marketing.

4.    Don’t overly rely on automatic emails

Although email automation is an essential part of every great email campaign, this doesn’t mean you should overly rely on it. It’s good to use it to avoid tedious processes and repeated efforts that come with an email marketing campaign. But it shouldn’t replace all the manual work which can show your customers that you do care about every one of them.

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