Ten Strategies of Social Media Marketing


There is no systematic theory toward social media marketing yet. It's still in a trial and error period. We would like to provide you some strategies for online social marketing in China. Hope it can help you.

1. Social media is only a costar, not the superstar in marketing.
Although there are many advantages, social media has many disadvantages as well. The primary shortcoming is that the result is somewhat uncontrollable.

2. The capability of mobilization and interaction. 
The biggest advantage of social media over traditional media is the capability of interaction. According to a survey, interaction can give people firm memory. While the traditional media deliver the information only from the top to the bottom, from one to all.

3. Social media can help you build customer relationships.
Another advantage of social media is higher customer stickiness. The traditional way is not able to reach the users, while social media can seize the opportunities to service customers, thus enable the next sale.

4. To know more about your customers through social media.
Social media can bring you feedback from customers. Traditional media can only output information, but hardly to sense the need of customers. Social media can get the feedback even before the production appears onto market, without relying on market survey. It strongly improves the reaction capacity of companies.

5、Make use of the online social media to hold social media contests and improve the brand effect;
Hold contests and other activities are not  exclusive of online social media, this type of marketing has been existing for a long time, including titled sports events, charity, hosting shows and so on. So what is the advantage of the internet social media? Generally, large activities are always use flexible, traditional ways to hold activities but because of the high cost it need a large number of professional personnel to support, but the internet social media are easy to organize and the online activities are very simple, the promotion is also very relaxed.

6, Use social media to promote products;
Clearly, this trick is used by a lot of Internet companies hundreds of times, they issue a Weibo when start to design the products, issue a Weibo when they are making products, then issue a Weibo when production is going to release… Anyway, it is a good way to catch eyes and the cost is low. However, there are too many companies used it , so, if you want to use it in the future, you need to be careful.

7, Use social media to lead people's conversation topic;
Now, the so-called social hot spots, mostly, rely on the pushers to promote. It has to say, now people have more right to express their ideas, but you need to be careful because it is more easier to against the law.

8, Online social media has to be visualized;
This is the direction for B2B or B2C enterprises in the future, due to the online information distortion problem of these enterprises, for their own interests, some enterprises will beautify their products and it is unfair to consumers. Visualization is to make the enterprise’s information real and accurate, let customers really get what they see.

9. Product created by customers through using social media
We used to realizing customers through social media. But if product created by customers, that would be the best way for them to accept it. The traditional supply chain is including designing product-manufacturing product-selling product-Marketing feedback, which ended at feedback part. Marketing feedback at beginning can greatly improve the consumers’ interests of product.

10. Keep next as the biggest thing for maximizing the effectiveness of social media activity
There is a common thing in social media domain. If not held activities for a long time, the enthusiasm of the audience will soon cooled down. Carrying out activities continuously would get customers’ loyalty. The reality is their fans are zombie fans if not held activities for a long time with fans number so high in some social media. By the way, the value of the fans figure is watered down.


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