Ten Trends You Must Know about China New Media Marketing


Institute of journalism and communication (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences) and China social sciences academic press jointly issued the blue book " Annual Report on Development of New Media in China 2015". The blue book pointed out ten trends on the development of China new media.

1. "Internet +" has achieved significant effect as a government policy. New media will play a more important role as a part of the engine of economy. In 2015, with the "Internet +" being carried out, new media will penetrate all fields rapidly, and create more job opening, taking more share of the GDP of China.

2. The Internet penetration rate has reached 50%. From the development of user numbers, the growth of new media users will slow down. At the end of 2014, the number of Internet users has reached 649 million, increased 31.17 million than 2013, the penetration rate grew 2.1%, to 47.9%. According to this, the report estimated the size of netizen of China has come to near 700 million, the Internet penetration rate has reached 50%, mobile Internet users exceeded 600 million.

3. 4G has achieved explosively growth, accelerated the development of mobile net applications. The number of 4G users approach 100 million in 2014, and will increase dramatically in 2015.

4. Media convergence speeds up. The Internet transmission become mobilized, socialized and visualized. Traditional media are taking more new technology, such as big data, cloud, mobile user end and cellphone websites, etc. to lead the development of media convergence.

5. The laws and regulations are being improved. Regulations on WeChat, account names and online news services were released one after another these years. Legislations on new media are accelerating, becoming more and more accurately.

6. Mobile Financing, mobile education, mobile medical, mobile tourism have become hot spots in these fields. With traditional finance agencies investing in internet, size of mobile finance will keep growing. Those Internet magnates, Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent are distributing on mobile education, mobile medical and mobile tourism. These fields are closely related to the live of people, thus attracted a lot of attentions.

7. Intelligent industry will continuously rise. Internet magnates and venture capitals are getting involved in wearable devices, mobile medical, intelligent house, 3D printing and so on. In 2015, new generations of intelligent products will penetrate into more field and enrich our lives.

8. Social application platforms will be integrated and become an online gold mine. Along with development of the mobile broadband, online video consumption will move to mobile platforms. Tencent has give up weibo and turn their to direction to mobile video. The competition in mobile video field will be more intense. The social platforms will also become a service portal of communication, entertainment, life, shopping and studying.

9. As the main income source of media, advertisement distribution is moving from traditional media to new media. The market share of television and printing has showed significant decline. Online media now has the largest income from advertisement. In the future, the market share of online advertisement, especially mobile online advertisement will keep growing.

10. In 2015, China new media market is still full of passion, and penetrating into other industries. Capitals will compete intensively in this market. New media magnates will lay their hands on many fields.


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