Tencent Social Ad Announces New Trends in Ads’ Production


Tencent Global Partners has always enjoyed a strong reputation as been one of the leading agencies in digital marketing; its last announcement did nothing but confirm such statement.  3 DMP functions will be added to Tencent Social Ad, so as not only to enhance the efficiency of marketing but also to make the company one to look up to in the coming years.

Data from ARI show that the time spent by Chinese users online is on average 3 hours a day, which comprises 90 minutes of mobile usage and almost equal time spent on PC. Except for sleeping time, users frequently engage in online activities and their surfing habits are increasingly variegated.

At present, Tencent products reach almost 90% of Internet users. Tencent Financial Report in the second quarter of 2015 released the information that active accounts of QQ and QQ zone reached respectively  843 million and 659 million subscribers. In terms of mobile devices, Tencent Products’ advantage definitely resides on their ability to maintain long-term relationships with their online followers. 

Based on these strengths, Tencent Social Ad is able to identify customers’demand. 
Tencent social ad adopts the combination of ADX+DMP, so that to enable advertisers to precisely locate their customers in real time. 

The three functions of DMP include detailed profiles, tag customization and cross-screen identification.

Detailed profiles. Take a cellphone plant as an example, Tencent can track and collect users’ habits accessing their online records through their mobile phones. This will allow to identify affectionate users, new subscribers or people who renounced to their service.  This will easily facilitate the study of trends and it will give valuable help to establish the targeting strategy.

1.Tag customization. By cooperating with vertical industries, data coming from tags can be integrated as a functional part to create a successful media strategy. Take the car industry as an example. Tencent will soon partner with a car plant and help them to establish car category’s tags in addition to users’ basic attribute tags, in order to influence customers’ final purchasing decisions.

2.Cross-screen identification. With the assistance of Tencent User Identify System, Tencent will be able to help partners extending and recovering the life cycle of Cookies, or even make it limitless. The successful performance of this function depends on three conditions: target customers via cross-screen and cross-media platforms; identify long-term customers ; integrate fragmented data and highlight model users’ profiles 

3.In terms of data capability, through partnership amongst platforms, vertical industries, brand advertisers and others entities, it is likely that Tencent will constantly improve its data capability. The reason can be seen in the ability of Tencent Global Partners to foster the use of data related approaches, in various industries’ fields, in order to improve marketing strategies.


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