Why we choose New-Media ?


Information are open and transparent

All the information in the platforms are open and transparent, and every users could become the spreader of it. This kind of marketing, not only pay less money, but also easy to get the resonance of others.

But it’s always easier to say than to do. Before the information spread, firstly, you must make sure that your content is valuable for customers. If you are an ordinary enterpriser or marketer that have weak reputation, the result of the crazy enormous ads will be just pushing your clients away. So the best way to make customers accept you is to do better in your content, then as time passed, they will naturally like you and get used to fellow you.

The other important thing is you should be good at create and make use of opportunities. Pay attention to what happened recently and take those events as your content resource. We can see lots of examples that enterprise, through crating connections with the hot event, spread their brand naturally by people that concerned about those events. This could save a lot of money but you should control well about the hot point, whether it is a positive event for you to follow, bad marketing event may ruin your reputation, so it depends on you to make the decision.

Precise target user
Marketers can estimate target people by their personal information, released contents and location on new media platforms. Aiming at users’ habits and interests, sharing information with target people possibly pay attention to, which means giving them what they want. For example, if your marketing direction is traveling industry, you can pay more attention to the people who like to share their traveling photos in their friends circle, researching their demand directions and analyzing their purchasing power. The whole things would be better to help orientation and pricing for a product.

Powerful interaction of users
The main reason for new media at first is social interaction, which developed to marketing platform from it. The typical marketing platforms represented by WeChat and Weibo. Users can give their feedback through ways such as “like” or “comments” for marketers’ contents, then adjusting their marketing strategies.

Not only are companies unwilling to miss out the marketing opportunities on new media platforms, but also new media is unwilling to miss the marketing opportunities for brands. It’s worthy our trust that the promotion of QQ public account has the willing to normalize the marketing function on this platform. Besides, the arising of Alipay seems like appearance of a new marketing platform.

What awesome is the large-scale users while mobile internet choose new media platforms as marketing tools. The key points for them to do a good marketing on new media platforms are controlling the communication resources and transforming the users to their loyalty customers.


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