Why We Need a Digital Marketing Consultant?


Recently, an informal poll has been ran to see how widely digital marketing strategies are used. The results have shown a surge over the years. A few years ago, the research has shown that around two-thirds to three-quarters of the companies did not have a digital marketing plan. Now that number has shrunk to 44% in a latest survey, although that is still quite high, and means many companies are doing digital platforms with no strategy in place.

It’s very common to see a business doing digital marketing without a strategic approach. Yet still many companies in this category are aware of its significance and therefore could use digital media effectively and get great results from their high rank on search results, email marketing or social media marketing. But some companies are missing opportunities for lacking of SEO strategies or are suffering from other challenges. At that time,these companies need digital marketing consultant to help them to draft better marketing strategies.

To help businesses get started on the road of SEO, a digital marketing strategy is suggested to be made into a series of free digital marketing benchmarks which can be downloaded, and these benchmarks can cover overall digital strategy and the key tactics like Search, Social media, Email marketing and site/experience design.


Here is a list of many aspects that a digital marketing consultant can help you to improve in 2017:

1. Brand identity. Sometimes brand voice is transmitted through your company’s visual identity including factors such as your logo, color scheme, fonts, and layout. However, brand identity should also include media messages you sent, a tagline, headlines and key value propositions. Together, the graphic and verbal elements define your company’s personality.

2. Website. Your website is the hub of your digital marketing activities. The most effective websites are not only carefully planned and designed, but also can keep adjusting to continuously improve the performance.

3. Search engine optimization (SEO). For consumers, most purchasing journeys begin with search actions online. Two-thirds of all searches are conducted with Google. Over three-quarters of the users doing the searchers will click only on results presented on the first page. Hence it’s essential to earn page views driving from Google searching results for your key pages and posts. Almost all digital marketing experts will take SEO seriously, and devote sufficient resources into it accordingly.

4. Content planning. Nearly every digital marketer realizes that content marketing is important and can play a critical role in every phase of the purchasing cycle. Sadly, a small percentage of them actually realizes the benefits of content marketing. The competition is fierce and too many companies have dived in without well preparing a strategic plan and assembling the team needed to sustain the long-term consistency of the content, which is urgently required for success.

5. Content promotion. Most digital marketers post content and update posts via their social media channels, which is far from a complete set of promotion and distribution strategy. If you want content that stands out from the crowded social space, you need take advantage of the combination of owned, earned and paid media channels to increase the reach of the content you work so hard to produce.

6. Social media planning. The arbitrary selection of social media channels and content sharing may not produce meaningful results. A digital marketing consultant can help put tools in place and develop strategic processes to guide your social media marketing efforts to achieve specific objectives.

7. Email marketing. Email remains the most pervasive medium and tends to produce the highest ROI. You need to build an email list and send email to your subscribers, so that you can continuously test and adjust your tactics.

8. Analytics. You need analytical insights to master the science of marketing and improve your ROI. With marketing analytics, you can make your marketing results measurable, to ultimately enhance your profitability. Marketing analytics will facilitate your company to improve its tactics based on actual performances.

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