Our Values

  • We Value Talents

    Beyond Summits is a company built up with a team of talents, absorbing their thinking and DNA into the company. We always look for and attract the best candidates to join us, to grow together and to create the prosperous future hand in hand with them.

  • We Value Clients

    Beyond Summits puts client’s needs in the first place. We have always dedicated ourselves to providing quality services and products, try our best to develop the most professional and effective total-solution marketing strategy to help our clents success.

  • We Value Partners

    Beyond Summits aims at mutually development and common prosperity through win-win cooperation. We always work with the best media resource (mass media and social media), collaborate with them to serve more brands and enterprises.

  • We Value Professionalism

    Beyond Summits seeks to foster professionalism by creating an environment that encourages teamwork, innovation, and constant evaluation of ourselves. We are dedicated to quality, timeliness and excellence in our service to our clients, partners and users.

Our Services
  • All-media marketing

    Beyond Summits Ltd is a leading all-media marketer, offering one-stop total solutions integrating all aspects of marketing including

  • Cross-border & Global Marketing

    Helping to Connect your brands with international consumers & clients.

  • Digital, Social & Mobile Marketing

    We are the leading digital, social and mobile markeing agency.

  • Advertising & Media Buying

    As the leading advertising agency, Offering the global media buying, advertising creative and production services.

  • Destionation Marketing & Branding

    Providing professional Destination Marketing & Branding services to both International and China domestic destinations.

  • MICE Services

    For both International and China domestic clients, We offer a choice of MICE services including Venue Finding, Hotel Accommodation to the complete management of your event.

  • Event & PR

    Including Online and Offline Event, EPR and TPR services.

Our Service Features

  • Digital & Social Media Promotion and Marketing(Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube, Wechat, Weibo, QQ, Google and Baidu SEM & SEO, RTB, Retargeting etc.)
  • Mobile Marketing provide precision target audiences with personalized and interactive promotion content. It is including Mobile SEM & SEO, Mobile Web Marketing, App-based Marketing.
  • English or Chinese Website, Mobile Website and Mobile App design, translation, development, maintenance and promotion.
  • OOH media in Europe, America and Asia covering airports, subways, buses and cities.
  • Event Marketing, EPR and TPR Promotion. Years of collaboration made us build a good relationship with many top news agencies in the industry.
  • Long-term media partners worldwide and being capable to do effective local media planning, integration and ad placements.
  • The representative of Louise Blouin Media, the preeminent international media group of luxury and art.
Our Experience & Advantages

We offer fantastic all-media solution to all our clients. We work with excellent brands and provide solutions that fit their budgeting requirements. Our experience is your advantage!

  • Years of professional experience allowed us to serve over 100 brands in a variety of functions across seven countries, covering over 20 countries and 50 cities, providing all-media marketing solution.
  • Years of stable operation allowed us to make partners and friends widely and has accumulated rich media resources, including traditional or social, creating a sound external environment for our work.
  • Years of diverse development allowed us to build and establish an integrated innovation commercial organization by combining cooperation of government, enterprises, education, research institutes.
  • Years of staff expansion allowed us to recruit and collaborate with many talents from all walks of life, who has profound knowledge and experience on social media campaign, online marketing, destination marketing, cross-border marketing, etc.
  • Years of case and practice collection allowed us to transform from IT era to DT era, to digitize and quantify every performance and managerial outcomes we achieved in the past, to shift the company to a data-driven platform organization.
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Our Clients

Beyond Summits has been committed to providing all-media marketing services to leading clients across a wide range of industries: Fortune 500 companies, governmental, international PR, advertising, media planning, digital agencies pursuant to their specifications and requirements.

In the future, Beyond Summits is determined to dock all possible resources from demand and supply sides, serve all small or medium-sized enterprises and help them marketing their products and services to the world, assist them stepping into globalization more effectively, efficiently and professionally, cultivating our business friends while grow ourselves simultaneously.