China Crossborder Market Report


2015 China Overview Crossborder Business Market Report highlights 2015 China Crossborder e-Commerce Market status, including China’s total import and export volume, rapid growing trend and transaction pattern evolvement.


  • China’s total import and export volume in 2014 reached USD 4.303 trillion, which was up 2.3% from 2013. Trade surplus saw a substantial growth of 45.9%, reaching USD 0.382 trillion to mark a new record.
  • China’s e-commerce showed strong growth in 2008-2014, and its market scale nearly doubled over the 6 years, ranging from USD 3.2 trillion in 2008 to USD 12.3 trillion in 2014. Cross-border e-commerce has seen an even rapid growth, rising from USD 0.8 trillion in 2008 to USD 4 trillion in 2014.
  • It can be expected that the volume of cross-border e-commerce in year 2017 could account for about 20% of China’s total volume of export and import, thanks to the publicity of industrial policies, the promotion from industrial participants as well as the optimization of cross-border e-commerce’s industrial chain.
  • With the increasing domestic demand, the import quota of cross-border e-commerce will continuously rise in the next few years. However, affected by the government policies, the import quota of cross-border e-commerce will go up steadily.
  • In the light of transaction pattern of Chinese cross-border e-commerce in year 2014, B2B dominated the market. With the changes of the subjects of cross-border trades, cross-border trade orders appeared to be more fragmentation and be smaller amount. Hence, the volume of B2C transaction will be promoted.
  • The three most popular categories of overseas products are apparel & footwear, cosmetics and baby products. Nowadays, Chinese online shoppers have great demand for overseas medium/high-end products. This trend can be attributed to the increased income of Chinese online shoppers as well as their great demand for the products which are cheaper, quality-guaranteed and hard to get in domestic websites. Overseas shopping by Chinese online shoppers is a chance for overseas brands.


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