Get away from the Cold Winter Rain and Embrace the Warm Sun in Haikou


The heavy winter rain in some regions has impressed people and renewed the meteorological records of precipitation, duration, as well as the insolation amount. Since the rain is known for pouring down your passion and messing up with your mood, why not come to Haikou and let the warm sun there heal your mind?

In Haikou you can enjoy the beach and the sea. On the seaplane you can get the whole picture of scenic spots of Haikou, including Changying Wonderland , Haidian Island, Haikou Century Bridge , the Volcano Crater , and the view alongside the west coastline. The Jetpon Yacht Club provides you with various choices for activities on the wave. The speed boat brings you the fast and furious; the yacht brings you the steadiness and peace; the sailboat brings you the excitement as it may lean down and make you wet; and the motorboat makes you feel unconstrained and romantic. When the night falls, you can join a cruise that starts from No.8 Xiuying Port, riding along the west coast, passing Century Bridge, Wanlv Park and Meiyuan International Yacht Port, and eventually back to the No.8 Xiuying Port where the cruise started. The night light shows along the tour will bring you the joy of visiting a modern coastal city.

In Haikou you can feel the charm of flowers. Lunar January 15th is not only the Lantern Festival, but also the Huanhua (Flower Exchanging) Festival, when people come to Fucheng Road of Qiongshan District, Haikou, to enjoy the warm breeze and the sea of flowers in Guilinyang Tropical Agriculture Park and Fragrance World Park

In Haikou you can take a breath of the very fresh air. Why don’t you take a ride in the Dongzhaigang Mangrove Nature Reserve to see the sunrise while watching how mangroves’ resilience help them to grow. The very first as well as the largest mangrove reserve in China is regarded as a “forest park on the sea”, with the old-jungle-like density. Taking pictures or simply stop and listen to the sound of waves are great choices that help you enjoy the visit.

In Haikou you can have a taste of the traditional Hainan culture. The old streets and the arcade houses represent the city memory that lasts for hundreds of years. The historic arcade houses are one of the most shining name cards that Haikou offers to visitors. Mixing the features of European and Asian style of architecture, the houses absorbed classic western elements while keeping traditional Chinese structures. Some Southeast Asian elements can also be detected in the building structure and decoration. These arcade houses make up the picturesque view of Haikou.

It may be cold outside the window. It may be cold inside your room. So why don’t you pack up right now for the warm sunbeam in Haikou!

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