Everything About Hainan Inbound Tourism in 2018


Hainan had gained more exposure in the world during 2018.

May 1, 2018, Hainan launched visa-friendly policies for inbound tourists from 59 countries that consist of three major aspects:

First thing is that the visa wavier can be granted to 59 countries as long as the policy is launched. In the past the number was 26 countries;

Next, the stay of the visa-free tourists is expanded from 15/21 days to 30 days.

Finally, the restriction on visa has been loosened by granting visitors individual visa wavier than granting group only while keeping the traditional invitation and reception procedure of the local agents.

The three key words, “59 countries”, “30 days”, “individual visa wavier”, enhance an easier and more convenient travel experience in Hainan. The more easing inbound policies has largely expanded and stretched the influence in width and length, acting like a booster that raises international competence of Hainan among other islands in South-East Asia and brings more confidence in expanding inbound tourism market.

The 59 instead of the past 26 countries that new visa-free policy is applied for include not only developed countries in Europe and North America, but also the countries alongside the “Belt and Road”, as well as some countries in Africa, Central and South America.

Hainan Province has received an inbound tourist of 1.1168 million person trip and enjoyed an international tourism (foreign exchange) income of $680.1955 million USD, leveling off with that of 2017. The newly launched international airlines and increased frequency of existing airlines between Hainan and destinations that serve as the tourist market have been weaving into an interconnected airline web that links countries that includes Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia, Thai, Burma, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Russia, UK, Australia, etc.

Actively applying the “Going Out” and “Inviting In” policies to the marketing and promotion process, Hainan Province has been creating travel marketing methods, telling Hainan story via universal languages, gaining more exposures, expanding inbound tourism market, as well as enlarging the benefits of the visa-free policies that apply to the 59 countries.

In addition, 19 groups of teams had been sent out to 23 tourist markets for international tourism exhibition during the first ten months of 2018. Moreover, promotion sessions, forum sessions, roadshows and familiarizing events were arranged. There had been 16 groups of travel operators who were sent out by Hainan and had visited 12 provinces (districts) and cities for tourism exhibition. Meanwhile 16 groups of travel operators, journalists, entertainers, KOLs, and travel experts had been invited to Hainan Province for FAM trips, TV program shooting and individual travel experience.

Source: Visit Hainan

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