Knowing Customer’s Psychology Helps You Do Good in WeChat Marketing


From a psychological point of view, the effect of WeChat is significantly bigger than the influence of Weibo which is thanks to WeChat "interactive" advantage. WeChat fans are voluntarily added by the owner of the platform, which itself implied that the user is interested in this kind of product or bran. Delivering marketing information to users through WeChat public platform, it is naturally has a high conversion rate, at the same time because WeChat is one-to-one connection tool, and a one-to-one relationship has the natural trust foundation. 

With the development of WeChat marketing, the concept of community economy is taken seriously by people gradually. For brand marketing, if you want to operate well in brand community, one of the most important thing is to choose the product, and the second, we must choose the target customers. Everyone in brand promotion should do a detailed WeChat user analysis, to determine who you should play with. This analysis is similar to the offline market research-- to understand the target customer is to know about their geographical distribution, consumption habits, income, age range, hobbies, life scenes and so on. WeChat marketing enterprise must clearly realize that WeChat is not a simple advertising platform, the sensitivity of the users and the huge potential of WeChat function requires companies to serious mine and plan the content and form of it.

WeChat can also become enterprise service platform, O2O platform, customer relationship management database, etc. The combination of online and offline O2O mode can be well applied through the WeChat platform. Specifically, on the one hand, enterprise product information can be pushed to nearby people, which is more valuable than pushed to all the god friends. When the users received the information and are interested in it, they would buy the product, especially for the food enterprises. Another aspect is the VIP card system or coupons, which will increase customer stickiness. WeChat Pay will ultimately makes the enterprise use WeChat platform to build more complete O2O platform, which can finally realize that lead the guest to the store, let buyers join the VIP members and enjoy preferential, online payment, after-sale tracking service, and all these things are also what the users want. 

From the perspective of the user psychology, it is a very worth mining direction to build brand and customer relationship management database through WeChat. WeChat friends, different from TV marketing and telephone marketing, is no longer a fixed object, a string of phone Numbers, or email address, but contain valuable information resources of many private, such as gender, regional, preferences, and so on. So, it is visible that behind WeChat marketing, there are many things that we could dig deep. 


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