8 Skills You Need to Know about WeChat Marketing


1. content positioning: content is the key 
content location should be combined with the characteristics of the enterprise, at the same time it also need to think from the user's point of view, not just blindly push their own content. You must remember that WeChat is not service for the enterprises, but the users, only you give your users what they want, they could add more faithful to you. 

2. content pushing: refuse harassment
Most of the WeChat public accounts could push more than one passages each day, some people think the passages are not enough, but I think it is too many that a lot of people can’t finish reading all of them. Here are two suggestions I will give:

  Firstly, push frequency: better less than 3 times a week. Too many will disturb your customers and too little are not enough.

  Secondly, push form: it is not the length and form of passages that account most, it is whether your content could touch your users that is the most important. Interaction is also very important, you give your users opportunity to join in your content push and give their suggestions to make your account better.

3. interaction-communication is the soul
WeChat in deed is a communication platform, interaction is absolutely cannot be ignored. In my personal of view, I object to auto message reply which let your users think you don’t have sincerity. If cannot get the reply by their labor, some people  will not pay attention to the account any more.

4. key words search function-easy to get your need
Many WeChat account has a lot of content that users cannot find what they need immediately, so the key words search function is necessary. By doing this, you can raise the interaction with your users.

5. From online to offline-meeting is better than missing
There are few people paying attention to offline interaction. But from the effectiveness of communication, Meeting is obviously the best way for people to get closer. Face to face communication can get fans’ loyalty and produce more vivid contents, which is the meaning of combining online and offline organizing and making Wehat public account looks affinity. Next, WeChat relying on natural increase will be very limited, users offline activities is also an important means of increasing WeChat user.

6. Advice from others-opponent is the best teacher
Operating WeChat public account must keep open-minded with the faith in heart which is opponent is the best teacher. Whose WeChat public account you concerned would teach you how to do WeChat marketing. Having a look in QQ group or BBS to find out what are they talking about, learn from their words.

7.Secondary development-don’t be infatuated with it
Some WeChat application cases such as China merchants bank credit card and China Southern Airlines are going through a lot of secondary development which is recommended at the first page of WeChat public platform. The most imaginative part of WeChat public platform are docking Enterprises’ database and WeChat public platform and achieving effectiveness customer service functions. Now many WeChat exploitation platform provide third-party exploitation and abundant application. However, the essence of WeChat is communication. And WeChat platform currently provide public function has been basically can meet these requirements. So don't be obsessed with technology and secondary development. Before considering it, Steadfast completing the content and interaction.

8.Key point is operation-time reveals a man’s heart
Insisting on is very important. WeChat marketing is relying on executive force. Insisting on, continuously gathering experiences in practice and building strong relationship with users will help achieve your target.


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