How to Do Marketing in the New Era of China Mobile Advertisement


Vivaki China Managing Director Chen Ji believes that although mobile advertising at present is still accounted for very low proportion of Internet advertising spending, less than 10%, but the time that consumers spend on mobile devices is far exceeded than the PC and other carriers. Mobile advertising is bound to become the mainstream form of advertising. Beacuase the standardization of mobile advertising form is very suitable for the promotion of RTB, RTB will effectively promote the mobile advertising become mainstream.

The 2015 Q2 global advertising market forecast report said that in the next three years, the main driving force of Internet advertising growth will be mobile advertising. 2014~2017, the share of global advertising spending is expected to grow from 5.1% to12.9%. Share of advertising of desktop Internet will remain stable, from 19.3% in 2014 to 19.4% in 2017. But the share of other media types will be transferred to the mobile. At the same time, the mobile is the main driving force for the growth of the global advertising market, and 70% of the global advertising spending will come from mobile advertising during2014~2017.

Facebook, for example, the increase of mobile users and revenue growth in the year 2014 is obvious . Facebook2014 fourth quarter earnings report shows that the mobile users accounted for more than 80%. And the mobile advertising revenue accounted for 69% of the total revenue increased 53% than the last year.

iRearch consulting report shows that, in 2014, the domestic mobile advertising market was 29.69 billion yuan, and the past three years (2012~2014) have maintained a growth rate of over 100%. The market size continues to expand, at the same time, the proportion of mobile advertising in the total amount of Internet advertising is also increasing. i Research estimates that by 2018, the total amount of the Internet advertising market is likely to reach 419.8 billion yuan, while the total mobile advertising is likely to reach 220.05 billion yuan, accounting for nearly half of the proportion.

Deputy director of the general manager of Zenith Optimedia Hu Yingzhi thought that there are two reasons why the Chinese market of mobile advertising business is slower than global development. On one hand Chinese customers are more concerned about the return of investment and more cautious about the advertising effect; on the other hand, due to the problem of Chinese Internet environment, a lot of advertising platform can’t show the data and information to the public, which makes the effect of mobile advertising is opaque, the customers never know the real effect. Therefore, China's advertisers are very cautious in the mobile.

Huang Xiaonan said "It is without any doubt that Mobile Internet is the future direction of development. Therefore, we are also promoting the mobile, practicing more internationalization, docking worldwide mobile flow platform. Last year, the flow of the mobile terminal has more than 10 billion, the next goal is globalization, to help Chinese enterprises to the global market, our mobile globalization strategy can help Chinese enterprises to expand overseas market in the mobile terminal.”


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