The Truth You Have to Know about Marketing in Micro Era


1. In the era of wemedia, everyone is media, can voice for himself.

Everyone can voice for himself, conforming people’s psychological characteristics in the free will era. Blog, Microblog, Lofter appeared orderly. With the declined of Blog and Lofter, Weibo is still powerful in markets.

At the first 30 years, the internet development is savage. Grass-roots owned voice right. More and more grass-roots opinion leaders born in different social media platforms, such as the earliest Tianya, Renren, then Blog, podcast, Weibo, Qzone, Douban, Zhihu and so on. The other force is webmaster, most of them transformed to do media platform.

Then wemedia era is coming, with a typical feature. People like to talk about “Micro”, which is a concept originated from Microblog era. Lofter appeared as a representative of micro-era. Then Micro-video, Micro-e-commerce, Micro-media, forming a micro ideological trend.

“Micro” means that everyone get the right which belongs to privileged class in past. Grass-roots can do business and voice for free. 

2. The inner core of wemedia

In past several years, internet prefers liberating past, seizing this moment as the promotion theme. 

At the beginning of Weibo, their promotion slogan is that this is grass-roots’ era. Average people can voice for themselves. But at new media era, the wemedia platform belongs to professional people. That is the prime difference between new wemedia platform and traditional internet platform.

In terms of the structure, Blogger (KOL in forum community is included) is the decentralized opinion leader in practice. Grass-root is the biggest tag of those people, with multi-types contents of various industries. But wemedia has the obvious tendency of TMT. 

Wemedia is also a decentralized group, which means that wemedia people are freelancers. The so-called decentralization based on new media platform. Almost new media people are grow up on new media platforms, forming a brand called new media people or free association of freelancers.

3. Wemdia is a narrow industry, with more professional needs

Wemedia people and bloggers are totally different opinion leader. Bloggers’ content is all-embracing, while wemedia people pay more attention to TMT industry. 

We need to differentiate a definition that Bloggers and Big VIP in Weibo are wemedia people. From the angle of industry, more wemedia people, at least the most active group of them are working on TMT.

This type wemedia people are more professional, owning a variety of opportunities and TMT platforms to contribute views.
That is the result of markets and capital promotion, which industry is close to capital and listing. While other industries bloggers are not so lucky, more professional people with a few non-TMT platforms.

4. The threshold of micro business is higher

It looks easy to realize micro business, which the cost is higher in fact. The main reason is that fans dividend has become the history, causing becoming an opinion leader harder.

Socialization will be a big trend in future. How to get fans from those big VIPs is a key step we need to walk to. Knowing all-media marketing, having the ability to operate community and media are important to realize the goal. 

Now, the internet environment looks more open, while voice concentrated on a few people actually. The first people entered in internet media made their own rules to get dividends. Or later people obey the rules without disruptive innovation.


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