Marketing in China, You Must Know the Relationship Between Weibo and E-commerce


Recently, Weibo had released their cooperation relationship strategy with e-commerce platform in Beijing. Weibo announced that they will build consumer interests oriented mobile social e-commerce system with some third- party partner such as Alibaba, Micro sell and so on. Since then, over 2 million professional talents in different vertical domains can recommend products through Weibo, which can realize efficient relation between goods and consumers.

Weibo “two and a half ”action in the field of e-commerce
Social application will become an important flow entrance in mobile era, while the dominator in mobile e-commerce era still belongs to traditional e-commerce platform. Weibo made a “two and a half ” action in the field of e-commerce since its establishment. The first action is accepting investment from Alibaba, forming strategic cooperation with TaoBao. The half time is to be a partner with Alipay. The second action is showing goods in Weibo, which happened during these days.
With the social media platform become a part of public life, its impact on user consumption becomes more significant.

Top 500 retailers from social shopping revenue grew by 60% in 2013, and three times more e-commerce market overall growth, reported by BI Intelligence.
As a result, businesses and e-commerce platform carried out a variety of attempts on the social platform. Such as Jingdong, Meilishuo, Dianping Obtained WeChat entrance by accepting Tencent investment. TaoBao also launched marketing and sales activities with Weibo in movies, cars and other fields.

Products recommendation with the help of a weak relationship
Compared to other mobile social e-commerce platform, Weibo focuses more on the recommendation. At present, Weibo has more than 2000 professional talents in different fields, who established several interests relation-chain with fans. They can achieve the connection of goods and potential consumers through emotion, experience and professional knowledge to products recommendation and sharing, the weak relationship instead more obvious influence on user consumption decisions. In the process of different consumption, the identity of consumers and talents is interchangeable at any time, which is helpful for keeping active trading.

Since then, talents can be issued via Weibo, releasing their recommended goods directly with recommended reasons, stocks, commodity links and so on. Current commodity links must be from the main third party partners such as Tianmao, Taobao, micro sell and so on. These goods will be shown in Weibo. Weibo users can collect goods or add it to cart, also can be purchased directly through the transition page.

By the first quarter of this year, Weibo monthly active users has reached 198 million, 86% of them from mobile terminal, which will provide adequate flow for businesses and talents. The Weibo advertising information is open to all users at present. Talents can increase goods exposure through native advertising, while communication characteristics of Weibo also benefit from rising commodity exposure. In addition, Weibo will also appear recommended commodities in a ranking list. It’s convenient for users with consumption requirements to find talents in related field. 

Micro e-commerce, the new tendency of e-commerce in mobile social era
Micro e-commerce is one of the most important e-commerce models in mobile social era. Weibo will build mobile, personalization and social e-commerce system with their cooperated partners such as Alibaba, Micro sell and so on. Industry analysts pointed out that the mobile social e-commerce will come into a period of standardization and platformization.


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