Ten SEO Strategies You Must Know When Marketing in China


SEO is a technology that combining website optimization and media promotion. Nowadays, new media is so popular that many website owners have realized to use their websites as a we-media platform. But the page strength of many websites can only reach 2 or 3, even after years of work. Because they didn't integrate enough SEM technologies into SEO. Here we would like to introduce some practical method that may help you elevate and promote your website in China.

1. Video tutorial
For a new website without page strength or index, the best way to earn traffic is to post a video tutorial to video website. It will bring visit and elevate the page strength in short time. The name or keywords of the website are also critical. Combining the content of the video and the keywords will promote the keyword index remarkably. Thus lift the website's page rank.

2. Building friendly link
Building friendly link is more important than being listed by search engine. It's recommended to build friendly link with news websites which page strength is not less than 2, and post your articles to the websites that have been listed by search engine.

3. Forward through portal site
There is a shortcut to build the reputation of the website. Prepare some high quality articles and post them to those famous portal websites. Once published, these articles are highly likely to be forwarded by other websites. After a couple of times, your websites will be noticed by the search engine.

4. The search engine product matrix
Most search engines in China, like Baidu, Sougou and 360, all have their product matrix. Using these products can help promote your website. It can increase you page strength in each search engine.

5. Q&A promotion
When your website has earned some reputation among your target customers, the next step is to ask and answer others on those mainstream Q&A platforms. The purpose of this is to build the trust of your customers, make sure the keywords of your website be frequently mentioned, and questions about these keywords be answered on your websites.

6. Attract famous writers and KOLs
Do not build the website by yourself. Even you cannot get UCG, it's necessary to find some who can make contributions. There are many good blogger writers and KOLs for your hiring. What you need to do is to control the quality of the content.

7. Apply for news sources 
After half a year, our website is already good enough to apply for news sources, at the time webmaster and the author can make money easily. Remember to help those authors set up a QQ group. 

8. Invite authors 
A webmaster needs to invite famous writers to our web site and open column for them. But inviting those famous authors, of course, needs lots of money and is not easy, if we can’t afford famous authors, it does not matter, we just need to slowly found some young writers.

9. Benefit download software to improve visits
Packaging some benefit software and uploading it to our website to improve visits. Or we can uploading our software to others’ websites and left our URL.

10. Cast a wide net
Website is not an independent link, it is a complete circle, webmasters should submit their websites in well-known navigable website. By the way, we could submit our website in website ranking in China Webmaster (similar ad words).


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