Which Direction Shall Marketers Target at for Enhancing Mobile and Internet Advertising?


Advertising Industry, which is based on mobile Internet, is speeding up in its development during recent years, and for this year, unlimited potentials are still conserved for us to identify.

As per the report from IResearch, China’s market scale of mobile Internet in the first quarter of 2015 is proven to rise 111.8% to 76.16 billion RMB. Due to the rapid development in 2014, respective field is going through the commercialization in a fast pace, and meanwhile give us opportunities to embrace some new fields with vibrant outlook.

The whole mobile Internet market is bound to continue expanding, which is driven by the promotion of smart phones, smart hardware and app-based games and ads.

According to the industry segment structure of mobile internet in the first quarter, the mobile advertising market enters the mature stage of development, with a market share of 13.4%.

If so, which direction shall we lay emphasis on with respect to the mobile advertising market this year?

1. Commercialization of WeChat.

WeChat fully deserves its title of “National APP” and every move of it shows a great influence on the advertiser’s plans and actions. Since the advertising function on WeChat Circle of Friend has been released, the commercialization process appears to experience a big leap, which as a consequence, a profitable business operation is accordingly formed. While serving for branded advertiser and others, Public platform and Friend Circle constitute a comprehensive advertising system for the sake of discovering the media value related with different modules of WeChat.

2. Advertisements based on wearable device

Along with the increasing usage of mobile devices, more opportunities can be seized to expand the advertising market although wearable devices never become dominant in the past. This year,the market’s confidence towards wearable device is greatly enhanced due to Apple’s entry into this field. In the meantime, mobile advertising will welcome new market opportunities, and will contribute to the development efficiency of advertisements based on wearable device.

3. Advertisements based on mobile video

Mary Meeker, crown as “Internet Queen”, implemented a research on  key trends of mobile Internet and referred to the following: Coverage of Global Internet has a robust growth with a 21% increasing rate by means of Mobile+Video, which has kept pace with the current state of domestic video websites. Moreover, advertisers gradually attach their attention to the mobile video platform, following intensified measures and strategies formulated by the main video website.

4. Introduction of innovative advertising forms from abroad

PWC stated its opinions in its report of Outlook for Global Entertainment and Media Industry in 2015-2019, and believed that gap do exist between China’s market and international market in regard to the most focused field of mobile advertising. In the global market, scale of mobile advertising has exceeded classified advertising since 2013, and is predicted to rank the second place among all the Internet advertisements after defeating display advertising in 2018. However, it is estimated that the scale of mobile advertising in China will exceed classified advertising in 2016 and is likely to rank the third place among all the Internet advertising categories. All in all, compared with the advertising status overseas, there’s still room for improvement on China’s advertising modes although mobile terminals have already applied a few new modes, which strongly demonstrates that the innovation of advertising forms will lead the trend of the industry in the future.


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