Forms and Features of Multimedia Advertising in Internet Marketing


Nowadays, business marketing methods are transforming from old traditional ways to Internet marketing against the background of global networking, which forces the enterprises to meet new challenges due to the difficulty of network multimedia techniques when striving for dominating the Internet market. Starting from the multimedia advertisements, this article gives a summary about forms and features of multimedia advertising, and meanwhile analyzes some concerns arising from poor Internet marketing ads via multimedia techniques, in an effort to bring new representing room for enterprises with a promotional demand.

On the basis of Internet, Internet marketing assists the marketers to realize a new mode of marketing by means of digital intelligence and interaction of Internet media.

Thus a conclusion can be drew that the Internet environment provides enterprises enough space to improve their marketing mode. Besides, when it comes to the implementation of marketing on the Internet, enterprises shall rely on the network techniques and regards the multimedia as the main channels for promotion.
Forms of multimedia advertising in Internet marketing:

Text. As a very important information media and a most basic advertising media, it is commonly used in the description of commodity, which features as a clear and intuitive method to deliver the promotional content, such as web banner, text-link ads, BBS set-top ads, blog ads, etc.

Image. Advertisements of this type will make use of graphics and pictures. The common formats available on the Internet are GIF and JPG, for example: email ads, horizontal banner, etc.

Animation. This kind of media promotion mainly releases the ads in the form of animation with FLASH as the main format. It is particularly preferred by the audiences because of its lively, interactive and self-driven features.

Video. As a new form of online advertising, video ads are superior to the other forms due to its unique advantages, such as good sensory impact, rich content, highly interactive, real-time updating, etc.

Virtual reality. Ads of this type establish a virtual-reality environment via three-dimension technique, so as to enable the audiences to experience the enchanting brand and high quality service in the vivid advertising scene. Customers can view the scene and immerse themselves in the virtual world by clicking the mouse, which in turn will boost the sales of the products to a certain degree.

Characteristics of the application of multimedia ads on Internet marketing

Diversity. Multimedia ads on the Internet are presented in various marketing methods, which has brought advertisers more room to select and meanwhile promote the value of Internet marketing. In a result, it is able to deeply impress the consumers and enhance the advertising effect by virtue of diversified or multiple-dimension ways of displaying.

Integration. Internet multimedia technology is mature enough to process comprehensive and multiple information, and hence can integrate the acquisition, organization and storage of the data. Supported by the Internet multimedia technology, business owners can build a competition platform based on the Internet marketing, and integrate the medium resources in order to offer a “One-stop” service for branded marketing events.

Interaction. For better control and application of the information by the
Users, various information media realize an interactive operation, thus as a result, the gap between users and enterprises is greatly reduced to help the customers take the initiative to obtain advertising information.

The above features facilitate multimedia with distinctive advantages to stand out among all the other advertising forms. On the one hand, it combines rich content with various forms; on the other hand, the advertising content is specific and visualized, which helps the users to view, learn and understand the goods-related information. It should be noted that the promotion of multimedia ads has its own limitation, for example, whether the audience in the Internet marketing are clearly defined, how to evaluate the advertising effect? Therefore, corresponding methods shall be taken to perfect these deficient aspects. Powered by the development of multimedia technology, advertising activities are bound to move towards other digital media forms, with the aim of enhancing the marketing strengths.


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