Internet Prophet Kevin Kelly Tell You Four New Trends of the Internet


Kevin Kelly (KK), the founder of wired magazine and the author of the book Out of Control, is known as the century's most influential Internet prophet. He completed his China tour's last station in Guangzhou with the topic " meet in the future, Internet + which is under the global sharing economy " . He also unmasked four big Internet new trend, and discussed with China's Internet tycoons about the impact that was brought by “Internet +” in China.

Kevin Kelly shared a lot of useful knowledge in this speech, he thought, the four new Internet trends which will impact the future over the next 20 years are: Sharing, Interacting, Flowing, Cognifying. 

First of all, "sharing" is the keyword of Shared Economy, KK emphasized that anything that can be shared will must be shared. For Shared Economy’s future, access is advance than ownership, making the physical product transform to a service, and by sharing, the value is greatly ascend. The second trend is "interaction", KK pointed out that this is an era of "screen", any surface can be a screen, it has changed the way we interact. In the future people can use their expressions, even thoughts and emotions in mind directly interact with computers. 

The other two major trends pointing to the Internet capabilities, namely "flow" and "cognitive". About flow, KK put forward " all business is data's business”, and different data need to be connected, only data that flows is valuable. About cognition, KK defined it as "endow wisdom to things", artificial intelligence (AI) technology will have a lot of application scenario through deep study, trial and learning from error.

When it comes to the perception of China's Internet development, KK admitted that what is now happening on the Internet in China may be more important than in the United States over the next 20 years. Especially in mobile technology, China's development is in a scan type. In the future, China may become the dominant power of the Internet development. 

When asked who would be China's next BAT, KK said that forecast itself is not about a particular product or industry, only by seeing the long-term trend, can we take advantage of the trend. KK also said, "actually, Internet now is still in its infancy, the greatest products of the next 20 years have not been made ", his words injected cordial to people, the next milestone of product may be occurred in digital marketing, but nobody could imagine the future of digital marketing now.


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