Five New Strategies for Online Mobile Marketing in China


1. catch the eyes – everyone likes beautiful things

In the WeChat social circle , which was mostly consisted by   post-80s and post-90s , everybody is widely discussed a new word – face score. High face score will bring the high viewing ratio which will firmly attract the attention of the users, after all, everyone likes to see beautiful things. And because the online promotion is more flexible than the offline, space is also larger, even the same product, different user's experience may have different experience. 

2. catch their interest - users like interesting things

Under the trend of information fragmentation, users have less impatient to see a passage which is more than 140 words, those passages will gradually lost the market. And the short video, advertising are cater to the needs of users, and save the time of users to search information. On these two points, video and micro advertising spread rapidly within the circle of friends like virus.

3. Catch the sense of accomplishment - users like establish self-image in the social circle. 

In 2014, a group of simple H5 games spread widely in the circle of friends, the common characteristics of these games is that they firmly grasp the function of share scores in the circle of friends, your scores will be shown on the circle of friends, when you surpassed your friends you can flaunt your skill and IQ, you can enhance the communication ability without any loss of pleasure at the same time, it also could improve the penetration depth of circle of friends. 

4. catch the thirst for knowledge - users like to feel self-improvement and growth. 
When some of the traditional marketing methods are widely used, the user experience and aesthetic will be obvious fatigue. User’s curiosity has always been a pain point which was firmly grasped by newspapers, magazines, the media, while the WeChat public number can well solve the problem of user stickiness, through a WeChat public number the contents of the output and the public content quality, can simply get effective attention for a long time, that is the way which is more commonly used at present. 

5. catch the sense of safety - users like to live in a world in which they understand. 
Many times, people like to vomit slot social hot issues, in fact they are not only to vomit slot, they just want to prove that I haven't dated, and hasn't disconnect with society to gain sense of community security. By using the friendly, lively and interesting methods we could have a stable source of content and that is the important of hot information marketing.


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