7 Questions New Media Marketers Should Know


This is surely a fantatic era for internet users, especially because anything seems to be attainable.  However, despite all the excitement, marketers and professional internet users should reflect on the most valuable tools for their media and marketing strategies. New media campaigns need to be approached by a specific rationale which contains a precise objective.

Question One: Why is the new media market so prosperous?
New media advertisement has good interaction and accurate location,therefore it Is easy to detect the efficiency of your advertising campaign or to trach customers’ purchasing preferences. In particular way, the springing up of big data, the promotion of precise analysis, reducing the surplus of advertising resources and increasing the rate of return helped this kind of market progress noticeably.. 

Question Two: Can new media advertisement replace the traditional ones, or not?
The use of new media as representative of the interaction between the corporate, or business, world and consumers is determined by an accurate content delivery. However, featuring promotions on new media platforms consequently raise the production and advertisement costs, which are much higher compared to traditional advertisement platforms.

Question Three: Is advertisement on new media platforms really so precise?
We do not deny that RTB (Real Time Bidding) advertisement is definitely a valuable tool when it comes to advertise and boost sales, nor we deny that
Searching advertisement allow us to obtain faster and more effective findings. However, we cannot forget the fact that we would be naïve if wewould not recognise that these new media tools do not, and cannot, penetrate and target all aspects of aspects of people’s life

Question Four: Do new media create a tense athmosphere?
In the past few years e-commerce has been gradually expanding and this has been reason for tension with the more traditional way of selling and purchasing goods. It is no surprise, therefore, that traditional economic arrangements have been hampered by the new reality, mainly represented by online purchasing. 

Question Five: How can new media be so aggressive?
Internet users have high overlap ratio with the traditional media audience. This is why many people refer to “robbery of users”, due to the reason that companies investors feel outraged by the high amount of fees they need to pay to keep being visible online and the low level of profitability that comes in return. . 

People soon realised that making profits is harder than they envisaged: a lot of manpower, material and financial resources are needed to attract large-scale users. The simple thought makes new media users irritated and it may hamper their motivation. 

Question Six: Can new media uphold a stable and healthy development? 

In line with the principle of the supremacy of the business logic, what new media has done is fostering businesses visibility and connecting users worlwide. Therefore, it is likely that we will see an even higher number of people addressing new media in order to become involved in the process of capital flow. 

Question Seven: How to choose between new media and traditional media?

Users are inevitably fragmented and torn when it comes to make a decision between new or traditional ways of advertising your brand and boosting your sales. However, at this point users should advocate the use of a specific media tool according to what better fit their needs. However,  the competition between new and traditional media is not a zero-sum game, both of them can be complementary of a single media strategy. What we can be sure is that, in the era of technology people will make use of a various range of resources to obtain the information needed.


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