Ten Advertising Values of Mobile Video Media


Every commodity has its own value. Marx summarizes that a commodity is surely integrated with use value and exchange value. Use value refers to the fact that a commodity can be used to satisfy a person’s need while exchange value is more relevant with its function as the equivalents for other items.

Mobile video is also defined as a commodity. To evaluate the advertising value of mobile video media, two aspects shall be taken into consideration including its use value as a communication media and its scarcity value emerging from demand and supply relationship in the market exchange.

For mobile video media, the use values are embodied in the following ten factors:

1. Scale
As per the data released by MIIT as of January 2014, the number of domestic users of mobile Internet has reached 838 million and meanwhile penetration rate in mobile phone users has increased 46.9% on a year-on-year basis to 67.8%.

2. User structure
According to the statistic issued by third-party agency AdMaster, users of mobile device, especially tablet users, tend to be groups of younger and fashionable consumers who also feature as high education, high income and high consumption ability in comparison with PC users.

3. User loyalty
The mobile features of Mobile Video Media makes it easier to activate the users and enhance the level of engagement with them.

4. Space advantage
As for the space, mobile video is superior to PC because of no more limitation on device location, which dramatically brings more imagination room for the spreading of ads, for instance, tailed made content that fits in the situation can be sent out on the basis of sites and locations. 

5. Time Advantage
Mobile video extends the span of gold time previously soly possessed by TV and PC devices, as a consequence, three golden span including morning peak, afternoon peak and evening peak is created through the whole day.

6. Interaction
Mobile video inherits most of the interactive features from PC videos, such as "like" "sharing" "collection" "comment", and other functions.

7. Engagement level
The engagement level of audiences has a great influence on the effect of information reception. Viewers of mobile video are accustomed to watching the program via earphones, which is an effective way to attract audiences’ attention and keep them highly focused.

8. Capability of selecting the audiences
Mobile video has the capability of selecting the target audiences and it can implant ads into different devices by means of technology, for instance, ads can be optionally output to devices including IPAD, Android or iPhone.

9. Advertising environment
Hong Bei, CTO of a third-party agency AdMaster, explained to Tencent that ads implanted in fore-post of video, transferring scene and boot screen were proved to generate good marketing effects without downgrading users’ experience.

10. Creative space
Mobile videos have advantages over those based on other platforms in terms of time, space, interaction, mobility, etc., which brought more room for the advertisers to imagine and create.

When it comes to the demand and supply, video traffic from PC is usually inadequate in first and second tier cities, moreover, the current traffic of mobile video is far behind that of PC. In general, the active demand and scarce traffic will ultimately together contribute to the scarcity values of mobile video media.


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