The Boom of News Feeds Ads in a Mobile Marketing Era


The mobile Internet era has brought a totally new marketing environment, which makes it increasingly difficult for advertisers to acquire a high ROI. 

The question is how to present ads on a 4”- 6” display without downgrading user’s experience, and how to increase customers’ engagement and retention to stimulate their purchasing decisions. These are all top priorities matters for marketers to look at. 
Under such circumstances, Feeds Ads are introduced to meet consumers’ demands; in this way, ads are integrated in the content,  provided that users’ experience remains unchanged and superior.

Nowadays, In a over-commercialized market, users are losing their patience and show less interest to ads exposed on different platforms. Yet, Feeds Ad intends to integrate itself in the content and positions itself as part of valuable info users are trying to acquire. These ads are issued across various social media and web pages, and their design highly resembles that of the page’s contents. Besides, followers can even like or comment it.

Thanks to these features, advertisers are able to communicate the message without annoying the audience. In the context of a complicated environment for mobile ads, Feeds Ads are expected to be more diversified, including local features according to users’ most visited websites.

News Feeds Ads” are derived from “Feeds Ads”, with the feature of integrating ads to news, messages and updated events. A good example is Tencentad performance. Tencent redirected its feeds to news platforms and video clients, after finding the performance of their ads on WeChat and QQ Zone poor and unsatisfactory. This kind of ad presents a combination of originality and sociability, and it has completely overturned the traditional banner ads delivering a unique effect, regardless of the display size. The specific benefits are as follows:

Diversified forms and rich content. They are designed to embody creative ideas of brands through Original Feeds Ads, Feeds Large Image Ads and Feeds Video Ads.

Cross-platform advertising. In this way, it’s easier to maximize the coverage, so as to realize all-round brand exposure through a relatively low cost.

Precise Marketing. With the assistance of users’ profiles extracted from online data, marketers will be able to access users’ preferences thoughts and impressions, aiding the brand to communicate the appropriate message to the right TA.

It is predicted that, in the near future, more creative ideas regarding News Feeds Ads will emerge in the public eyes, which are sure to facilitate brand marketing in an unprecedented depth and bring content creation to a whole new level.


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