What “Travel Plus Internet” Will Bring to People?


Travel plus Internet” appeals to modern times. 

Recently, the national government has been actively fostering the development and implementation of “travel plus internet”. Amongst others, people are interested to understand what will this new online travel device bring to our life? Will the mobile internet develop quickly? Will smart tourism become a new trend? I will, therefore, attempt an answer to the above questions.
The mobile terminal will be better and better.

Throughout nearly two years of consumption habits’ analysis, it appears this is the era of internet and especially, mobile internet. Online travel agencies surely will not ignore the revolution of travel patterns in browsing, booking, consuming and, least but not last, the profits derived from mobile devices.
Travel websites relying on online websites are gradually forming a set of complete one-step travel service system. They became the earliest pioneers of “travel and internet”. In recent years, under the influence of mobile internet, every travel enterprise started to develop its own mobile service , widely advertised and recognized by the masses of users. It is predicted that in the next five years enterprises researching and investing on mobile programs will surge. If enterprises want to maximize their profits, they must accelerate the development of APP and fulfill the experience of users.

Establish a comprehensive one-step service platform

Travel enterprises rely on the internet to develop new solutions for online travel. Experts and professionals in the field say, the “travel plus internet” fusion is not purely a tourism product, but integrates social resources, regulating the development of online travel car rental and online vacation rental. Through the sticky with users, enterprises should actively promote “order online, offline shopping”; by integrating upstream and downstream modes and through the use of parallel corporates’ resources, elements and techniques, enterprises should promote the cross-boarder integration of “travel plus internet”. Tourism covers a wide range of industries, from food, accommodation, transportation, traveling, shipping and entertainment. In the future, a one-step service platform should be the comprehensive tourism platform, not only used to support online bookings or payment transactions, (but also) To users, it has high practicability.

Use big data to improve service and marketing

Since the beginning of year, the idea of big data has been mentioned and used in many practical tasks. Big data had a great effect on domestic travel industry. It is supported by the competent department of tourism destination which analyzes methods and establishes traditional marketing channels such as radio, television, newspapers and multimedia with the mobile internet, such as Weibo and WeChat.

Refine the system of smart tourism

The exploitation of smart tourism is one the most important step in the future development of  “travel plus internet”. Smart tourism focuses on  facilitating both the management of travel industry and the users’ travel.. Therefore, the implementation of internet plus smart tourism has been widely adopted by many enterprises. This is due to the reason that tourism enterprises continuously seek for innovative marketing solutions while promoting the combination of online and offline resources. What is more, by using internet smart plus tourism, enterprises can easily increase the amount of products and services as well as the pittoresque scenic venues to advertise.


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