A Guidance May Help Your Enterprise Do WeChat Marketing and Operation in China


There are several enterprises own their WeChat public accounts, with confusions together. Which type account to choose? How to get fans? How to create contents or any other questions? 

Now, there is a guidance to do WeChat marketing and operation for businessmen.

1. Knowing yourself and getting rid of arrogant
Some principals and sales directors do WeChat marketing adopting their products promotion models. They are self-satisfied with their past achievements like abundant management experience, who simplify the WeChat marketing as purchasing a few WeChat softwares and posting a mass of ads on it.

In an era of changing rapidly, it is possible to destroy a brand by its competitors, like Nokia. Success today doesn’t mean you will succeed tomorrow in same way. Therefore, it is important for CEOs to think how to operate WeChat seriously, getting rid of arrogant. 

2. Changing the way of thinking, paying more attention to fans
Most enterprises prefer to talk about brands. The truth is that WeChat marketing seems same with database marketing. Fans means a lot to an enterprise for social marketing, let along emphasize brands all the time.

The next step, entrepreneurs have aware of that what they operate is a media platform, rather than a public account, working as executing a project. Using public account to promote and sale products should behind operation back. Analysis targeted audience, then release content they are interests in.

3. Making a breakthrough in a short time, working in team 
Many enterprises take care of WeChat marketing and operation at once, who take it a simple process that anyone can handle the operation.

But there is a truth that it will dead when a platform cannot get fans as fast as possible. Because prophets own more opportunities, they are superior gradually you cannot catch up with. 

4. Having a plan for the contents of public account
A grave mistake made by enterprises is that they pay no attention to the contents of their public account. The first step of operating public account is having a plan for the contents, which offered fans to read.

Especially at the beginning of operation, content is very important to attract fans.

5. Promoting on unique media platforms
Promoting on unique media platforms keep the fans number growth stability. The right media platforms means a lot for high quality fans or targeted audience, such as local forum, local Weibo channel, opinion leader public account, magazine or any other internet platforms. 

6. Keeping interaction and doing a good job on service
User agglutinant depends on interacting with users timely sometimes. It will disappoint users that when they raised a question without any response from the media platform. I did a survey and got a result that about 99% public accounts never respond fans’ questions as these fans inexistence.

Interaction cultivates loyal fans, who are willing to share the passages in their friends circle proactively. Relationship changed in communication.

7. Integrating resources
Fans economy offered us a truth that a media platform means nothing without fans. But it can integrate resources with its non-rivals when an enterprise public account own fans more than 100,000.

Integrating with ten more public accounts owned fans more than 100,000 also equal to add ten more exposure platforms. Today’s business pattern is not an era of superman, but the era of win-win cooperation.

8. Arranging for new e-commerce and getting through the connection chain of Tencent
People’s life is getting more and more relations with mobile terminals with the outbreaking of mobile internet. Acquaintance relation-chain marketing leads the marketing direction in future. The most potential new e-commerce is made by Tencent. A large number of fans are owned by whatever platform of it, QQ, Qzone, Tencent Weibo, WeChat.

It is a new opportunity and also a challenge for enterprises, what they have to do is seizing the opportunities of new e-commerce, sharing the dividends of it.


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