Weibo May Become the Main Field of Destination Marketing


Once upon a time, s social media marketing had a great reputation and the social platform such as Weibo once hit the new height fiercely. When different industries are carrying out a variety of social marketing campaigns, the travel industry is relatively low. 

Travel marketing should appeal to the consumption upgrade

In the past for a long time, many areas’ traffic is blocked and the internet information is laggard. The consumers’ perception of travel is relatively simple. Through billboards and the promotion of travel agencies, then a travel choice is formed. At that time, the environment was simple, the marketing information was rare, people did not have too much to choose. But on the contrary, so far, the environment of travel industry has changed totally and the habits of users have been reinvented. Compared with the early time, users nowadays prefer to study the destination by themselves. They often decide their destination after browsing the comments and the share. They may even integrate suggestions and formulate a detailed travel guide. 

For users, the content on the social media is not just the tourism introduction, but the experience. Travel is not just to see a scenery, the mood is one of the most important aspects of the tourism experience. Integrating the various tourism experience of others, maybe we can see some different places.

In the era of big data, the content is the key influential part.

One of the important value of big date is recording any behaviors of users then used as evidence. Moreover, the popularity of relative content on Weibo is as same as the popularity of travel industry. The tend is more obvious in the field of outbound tourism destination,. The most popular destination on Weibo is nearly the same as the direction of Chinese outbound tourists. The source of users involving into the discussion is also highly consistent with the source of outbound tourists.

The relative content on Weibo has affected the decision of travel users. In the era of social media, proposing the travel decisions is no longer a fresh topic. The change of users’ habits also brings a great deal of pressure to the tourism enterprises. That is still the case, why don’t you take the advantage and embrace the opportunity. As a travel agency professional, at least, we should know the recent public concern and the popular forms of tourism.  

In addition, it is necessary to use big data to analysis the popular tourist lines and predict the vocation scenic area flow in order to make the corresponding service and avoid the sudden events.

Precision and connection are the key points.

As is known to all, tourism consumption belongs to the typical low frequency and high consumption. The demand of travel can be changed at any time, this is affected by the users’ satisfaction. Because of the low frequency, tourism marketing should be more precise to avoid unnecessary waste.

Tourism new media marketing essentially is the consumer experience. Experience is full of perceptual consumption and the perceptual marketing need to operate and be accurate. For Weibo, users’ big data actually has very big development space to dig up. Now Weibo focus more on users’ behavior. In the future, if we can strengthen the analysis of the content, perhaps it will further enhance Weibo’s marketing value.


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