Marketing Tips for Healthy Food Brands


If your store isn’t selling healthy food, you should reconsider your business strategy. A recent webinar by NGA (National Grocers Association) revealed that 8 in 10 U.S. families would love to purchase organic products. Therefore, the marketing strategy you use for selling healthy food will have significant influence on your sales. The growing consumer needs for healthy food have provided food processors an opportunity to make more profits in the healthy food market. To reach your target audience, you need effective messaging with appealing content.

The following suggestions are proved to be successful methods for marketing healthy food:

1.    Data and Knowledge

You could include knowledge such as scientific nutritional evidence justifying nutrition or health claims, or release some market and consumer behavior insights. We usually call them “nutritional evidence” and “consumer insights”. This type of data is typically collected by conducting research.

2.    Content Marketing

Most healthy food brands are small to medium size companies, so content marketing for them is a cost-effective way to be exposed to the mass audience, and helps them to be found, chosen, purchased and shared by the consumers. To some degree, content marketing can replace traditional advertising, expensive sales promotion and sophisticated corporate communications. New food product launch need more creative formats beyond the press release, including videos, contests, speeches, demonstrations, etc. Feeds on social platforms can create a buzz of your brand, build relationships with followers and deliver core values of your company.

3.    Word-of-mouth Marketing on Social Media

For example, Nestlé’s baby food brands launched ‘Naturnes’ in Germany and Sweden. Mothers who have used the products were encouraged to share their experiences on the website, where they could connect with each other and follow up the brand news on Facebook.

4.    Promotional Activities to Amplify Your Voice

For example, in a cooking demonstration, you can promote your products with posters, recipe cards or shelf talkers to highlight particular foods.

You can also try some other promotional channels like food magazines, blogs and feeds on social media, in which PR expertise and influencer marketing can be applied to maximize your marketing results.

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