Some Travel Preferences of Millennials


Nowadays, travel is not regarded as a luxury thing but instead a necessity for millennials. As pictures of beautiful destinations and wonderful trips flooding the social platforms, it’s no surprise that travel has become a trend for this generation. More than $180 billion revenue each year was generated by about 200,000 million millennial tourists, an increase of nearly 30 percent since 2007, according to the data from United Nations.
Millennials have grown up with the booming of digital industry and are quite used to be exposed on social networks. Moreover, the millennial traveler’s endless thirst for knowledge make them always want to learn something new. They're willing to take the last minute trip to satisfy sudden wanderlust. Social media plays a pivotal role in how the millennial traveler makes their decisions. About their travel preferences, there are 4 points you need to know:
1.Thirst for adventures
According to a study on American Millennials, 69 percent of Millennials consider themselves to be adventurous. Whether it is in their nature or influenced by the peers, millennials are constantly looking for more opportunities to experience a different life and new cultures.
2.Cultural experiences over party
According to an internal research from Topdeck Travel, more than three quarters (86%) of millennials would rather experience a new culture compared to 44 percent who prefer to party or 28 percent who prefer to shop. For baby boomers, they are more likely to have dinner in an overcrowded restaurant near a major attraction, while for millennials, they tend to take a step outside the scenic area to experience authentic local food.
3.Solo traveler
Despite a recognized fact that solo travel can be “dangerous,” 37 percent of Millennials still have the intention to enjoy a one-overnight trip unaccompanied in the next six months. Going solo doesn’t have to mean going alone. In fact, solo travel can be safe and easy when guided by a group tour operator. Traveling solo but with a group gives Millennials the freedom to explore alone while also having their safety guaranteed with a larger group.
4.Plan trip via online platforms
As the digital savvy generation, millennial travelers make the most of their phone to plan and experience every trip. Social feeds is a major influencer in their travel decisions: 87 percent of millennials would search on Facebook for travel inspiration, and more than 50 percent use Twitter or Pinterest. Millennials prefer to view where their friends have gone for vacation when planning for a trip. A study revealed that 66% of Millennials booked their trips via smartphone and 97% would post moments on social networks while traveling.

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