• 2016 China Market Overview – Mobile Internet

    The recent years see the continuous and rapid growing of Chinese mobile internet users, while the market value has exceeded 2.3 trillion Yuan. The market value of traffic fee no longer dominated the mobile Internet market and had been replaced along with the rise of mobile life and mobile marketing. Moreover, communication, entertainment and life tools were the most frequently used APP categories.

  • 2016 China Overview – TV

    TV media market has tended to be saturated with almost 99% coverage rate in 10 years. However, the average age of real TV audience is getting older. The biggest proportion of TV audience is constituted by audience aged over 45 years old. More people will choose to watch videos online instead of on TV.

  • 2016 China Market Overview – Print

    In recent years, China’s newspaper has saw a sharp downward trend. The number of newspaper’s readers and advertising revenue were dropping. Certainly, with the backdrop of shrinking traditional print industry, all periodical firms have been faced with the serious issues on the decrease of circulation and advertising revenue.

  • 2016 China Market Overview – Internet

    The number of Chinese netizens as well as the popularity of Internet have continued to show an upward trend, but the growth rates see a decline. Along with various Internet access devices, 90% of netizens choose mobile terminals to get access to the Internet. Users who connect internet by TV increased rapidly in 2015. Two main purposes for netizens to get online are being social and acquiring information.

  • 2016 China Overview - Economy

    Though China is the second largest economy in the world, China’s GDP growth slowed down in 2015. And China’s economy is predicted to move downturn in the next 3-5 years. Yet from the perspective of the overall industrial structure, service industry constitutes a growing proportion, with some high added-value and high-tech industries developing rapidly. Over the next few years, supply-side reform will be implemented to realize structural optimization, with other major economic measures in place, such as cutting overcapacity, reducing housing inventory, lowering leverage, cutting corporate costs, etc.

  • 2016 China Market Overview - Cross-border Tourism

    According to UNWTO, China ranked the 4th place in the world with 57 million outbound tourists staying overnight in the foreign destination, followed by France, USA and Spain. Over 60% of oversea tourists in China were from Asian countries, over 20% from European countries and over 10% from American countries. Korean, Japanese and American tourists accounted for the majority of inbound tourists.

  • 2016 China Market Overview - Automobile

    In recent years, China was undergoing automobile market slump, with lower growth rate and price. Moreover, experts estimated that this trend would continue in next few years. Chinese government has placed great emphasis on new energy vehicle to control environmental pollution. A series of favorable policies released by the government have improved the production and sales of new energy cars.

  • 2016 China Market Overview - Investment

    In 2015, Internet-based investment and financing has sprung up. In addition,general insurance, stock, and fund were main products in China's personal investing and financing markets. Moreover, crowd funding has become a new way of investment among young people.

  • 2016 China Market Overview - Immigration & Overseas Study

    In times of economic globalization, global talent flow has become a trend. Immigration bonus turned to be more enticing in the field of technology and economy. The number of Chinese students studying abroad has grown at a double-digit rate in recent ten years. And the number of returnees has also risen rapidly.

  • 2016 China Market Overview - City

    Considering population mobility and general birth rate, the number of cities with over 1 million population have kept increasing. With rising population density in cities, population growth has exceeded the urban construction speed.


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