• 2016 China Media Overview - Social Media

    In recent years, the rapidly changing media landscape in China has shown that the revenue and market share of digital media have been expanding. Among all digital media, social media is still the most active and potential one with significant penetration; among social media platforms in China, WeChat and Sina Weibo have drawn the most attention.

  • 2016 China Market Overview - Cross-border Business

    In terms of cross-border e-commerce, China’s total amount of exports was higher than imports in 2015, while the proportion of imports has continued to increase. China’s cross-border e-commerce mainly focused on B2B business, while the retail business has boomed, especially in cross-border import retail business.

  • 2016 China Market Overview - the Rich

    Although China's economy growth has slowed down over the past year, the number of high-net-worth individuals has grown at a double-digit rate in China. The majority of high-net-worth individuals were entrepreneurs or gold collars who were resident in East China, North China and South China.

  • 2016 China Market Overview - People

    As of the end of 2015, the proportion of 80s in the first-tier cities was much higher than that of 90s and 95s who tended to stayed in the second-tier or third-tier cities. Mobile internet had spread more to the post-90s generation than other generations, wherein more than 90% of the post-90s generation go shopping via mobile phones.

  • 2016 China Market Overview - Luxury

    Since 2012, due to Chinese government’s strengthening of anti-corruption, some luxury goods declined in consumption, especially like watches, luggage and men’s clothing. In addition, luxury consumers in China were increasingly inclined to get luxury information through the internet, like Weibo, WeChat, mobile applications, etc.

  • China Social Media Report

    2015 China Overview Social Media Research presents the demographic information of China’s social media users. It gives the overall profile of social media users’ behavior and preferences.Besides, popular APP ranking lists are given based on their popularity and usage.

  • 2015 China Overview OOH, Movie and Airport Ads Research

    2015 China Overview OOH, Movie and Airport Ads Research introduces alternative media ads market, such as OOH, Movie and Airport . It includes the reach rate, ads expenditure and growth rate of OOH media, covers Chinese film market yearly box offices and person times in 2009-2014, numbers of cinemas, and media ads expenditure, and highlights 2015 China media performance of airport.

  • China All-media Report

    2015 China Overview All Media Research provides data outlining the country's and regional current and historical daily usage of different media. Besides, in this part, the trends of different media ads cost have been summarized with data, including ads budgets allocation to different media forms.

  • 2015 China Overview Mobile Internet Research

    2015 China Overview Mobile Internet Research outlined Chinese market size of mobile netizens, pictured netizens' demography as well as their behavior and preferences in terms of surfing online with mobile devices. In addition, in this part, the status quo and trends of China mobile ads have been summarized including marketing budgets allocation to mobile ads.

  • 2015 China Overview Economy Report

    2015 China Overview Economy Report presents the basic national data and profiles 2015 Chinese population trend as well as gender and age structures. In addition, it highlights 2015 national economy performance in GDP, CPI, foreign direct investment, service industry.


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