5 Easy Tips to Run a Successful Social Media Campaign


As one of the most effective marketing efforts, a social media campaign can help to achieve business goal via one or more social media platforms. Campaigns are different from everyday operational efforts, for example, they can be customized to better target specific audience.  

If your business is considering to launch a social media campaign, you should take some essential components into considerations, including clearly developed plan, specific goals, cross-channel promotion, and following analysis. Below are some tips for you to launch a successful social media campaign.

1.    Choose the right form of campaign

There are a wide range of social media campaigns, from voting contests to newsletter signups to interactive quizzes. As different campaigns deliver different results, it’s better to have a clear idea of what you hope to accomplish before you start. With your goals in mind, you should do some research and choose the type of campaign that works for you.

2.    Understand your audience

This is the key for launching a successful marketing activity as it gives you a better insight into your TA’s preference for social campaigns, facilitating you to deliver relevant and effective campaign for your target audience. By creating marketing personas, you can better understand your audience and design a campaign that resonates with them. After all these preparation work for a campaign, you’ll be hitting a home run.

3.    Be open to creative ideas

When it comes to social media campaigns, creativity is what helps you to stand out from the crowds. So be open to creative landing pages, visuals, GIFs, Instagram Stories, Boomerangs, videos and more. Instead of offering just a giveaway, why not inspire your audience to showcase their own creativity?

4.    Campaign promotion

A campaign can’t be a successful one without promotion. There are lots of ways to promote a campaign, and most of them won’t cost you too much. Because you can promote the campaign through your existed channels such as your website or social media accounts. Besides, we suggest you design your campaign with built-in sharing features to motivate interactions. You could also reward your followers with increased chances to win the campaign.

5.    Monitor and track the results

It may sound obvious, but this is probably the number one mistake that people make when they launch and run social media campaigns. It is true that most social platforms can provide you with relevant campaign data, like view number, clicks on your ad, costs, etc. But you also need to create your Google analytic account, so that you can track the conversion rate and identify the users who are performing an action that is important to you. The statistics are fine but you need more data to determine what to duplicate and what to change in the future.

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