Knowing Your Future Customers Helps You Seize China Market


1. "Post-95" is how they call the generation after 95 in China. Post-95 is the generation that grew up along with China Internet. Unlike to many people some Internet applications like online social media are new stuff, to post-95 these are part of their lives, and daily necessities.

2. Post-95 are willing to spend time on different social applications, being active on multiple platforms, living with social networks.

3. Different social networks meet different social needs of post-95. They use each social platform on their own ways.

4. Interest is an important reason of driving Post-95 to social online, they have strong will to meet new friends. They are also more active dependent on social network. It means opportunities to who want establish their startups.

Post-95's social networks not limiting to WeChat:
According to a survey conducted by Tencent, unlike most "pre-95" mainly focusing on WeChat, post-95 are active on many social tools like QQspace, Baidu Tieba, Instagram, etc., including WeChat. The Data also revealed that post-95 are more active on social platforms than pre-95. Though facing with numerous social applications than ever, post-95 choose to live with all of the platforms.

Using in different ways and sharing common things:
A post-95 Chinese girl introduce her online social circle like this, "those on QQ are friends met in early years, at the time there was no WeChat; friends on WeChat are more close in life or working; weibo is the place where to post trivial things; and some other platforms are only accessed for fun." This is not a unique case. It is a general situation to use multiple social applications at the same time, but to use each one for different purposes. For examples, although both are instant messaging applications, post-95 will maintain different social circles on them. Interest is an important force of driving post-95 to explore social networks. They can meet people with common interest or share funny things through it.

Growing up with social networks:
The Internet era of China started from 1995. In that year, Internet was no longer a thing in research institute, while came into people's lives. The application that has the largest user scale in China is QQ which came online in 1999, followed by WeChat in 2011. The pre-95 see the social network as a relative new thing, coming with good side and bad side. While post-95 see it as a part of the world, not new but natural. According to the survey, post-95 are willing to spend time on social networks and able to switch between different social applications, build different social circles. They see the switch more like a need rather than a burden. Some social applications regarded as subculture by general people, is thought to be their mainstream culture.

Opportunities about post-95:
For post-95, Internet is not only a natural way to get to know the world, but also a part of the world. They tend to understand the world through networks and change the world as well. As they becoming the main force of consumers, business runners and advertisers have to understand their way of thinking and behaving, provide and promote products and services that can meet their true interest.


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