6 Major Trends of Content Marketing in 2016 (3)


3. The theme of content marketing: “Let ordinary people influence the ordinary + Special content targets younger generation ”

“Let ordinary people influence the ordinary”

Any company getting into the field of content marketing will soon focus on real and personalized people, becoming the TA that worth a company’s attention. Ordinary people’s life is so diversified, but it’s likely for people to influence each other if they are emotionally connected, sharing common hobbies or interests.

Case: Nike’s “Last” advertising film

This year, using the marathon as the leading theme for a shooting production, Nike created an advertising film called “Last”. The story and the scene are very simple: when a marathon competition comes to an end and the staff start to clear the site, a girl who comes last of all the contestants is still running towards the finishing line.

Case: John Lewis’ Insurance ad “if it matters to you, it matters to us”

John Lewis is noted for telling stories from a child’s perspective. It recently launched a short ad movie starring a child, in order to promote its family insurance. In this film, a fat little girl wearing black-framed glasses is dancing in the house, and her dance is not so well, even breaking some furniture in the room. All of these remind mothers of their lovely girls. She definitely touches every mother’s heart. What we see is an ordinary girl with an ordinary dance, but every girl, no matter talented or not, has a right to pursue her own dream. There follows the ending words, ”if it matters to you, it matters to us”. “It” refers to the dance, the child and the dream, and “you” refers to child and mother.

Special content tailored to the taste of younger generation

Business owners who seize the eye of the 90s and 00s are probably the biggest winners in the future. Therefore, more and more brands are paying efforts and time to meet the preferences of young people. When it comes to 90s and 00s, we have to mention one word —— ACG (Animation, comic and game), which has already become a major entertaining field for nearly 0.2 billion young Chinese.

Case: Taobao’s ACG poster for “12.12 promotion”

Some stupid but cute scenes which used to occur in comic only were showed in the promotional poster to advertise Taobao Mobile APP, attracting lots of young followers and bringing unexpected good results.

Case: Dicos partners with Bilibili Video Website’s popular blogger to produce funny video

Dicos impresses the consumers with the newly recreated “Normal DISCO Dicos ver”, which is evolved from “Normal DISCO” that once stormed the Bilibili website by its unique and toxic style. This promotion is another successful attempt based on ACG culture

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