Content Marketing: How to Tell an Unforgettable Story


A master said: the essence of content marketing is to create bluffer. The content you generate, no matter whether it’s high quality or not, should be transmitted and shared by all means. When someone finishes reading your story and with skepticism shows no interest to take a second look at it, do you feel frustrated?

So, why is your story not compelling enough?

First of all, it could be mainly because your story does not suit their taste. One thing shall be noted here: a good story is not eventually successful with one specific group. Sometimes, the content you produce is well designed and structured, but people still don’t get persuaded. The potential reason may be that you are not providing what they really need, meaning you don’t have a good understanding of your customers’ demands.

A memorable story should at least feature two of the following characteristics: simple, surprising, specific, reliable, emotional and story-based.

I.Simple: The easier, the better
Only a simple story can be easy to remember. These stories share a common feature: it’s easy to understand when others tell you about it; your audience will easily get the point after your description.
Two keys for a simple story:
1.Proper amount of info input
2.Structures all the subtopics effectively

II.Surprising: always include some unexpected content 
A changeless pattern is the most effective hypnotism in the world. Things you are used to may be very useful, but seldom people can recall them exactly. Since people are naturally sensitive to any unconventional circumstance, a creative change can be the first step to make your story stand out from the crowd.
Two keys for a surprising story:
1.Go against common believes
2.Create mystery

III.Specific: what information or content do you want to deliver?
If someone asks “What do you want to tell us” after hearing your story, it means you are not describing it in a clear and explicit way. A story with too many exaggerated or meaningless words is just like a cup of milk mixed with too much water: you couldn’t recognize the original taste anymore.
VI.Reliable: over-exaggerated content will disappoint your readers and hamper their trust in you
  A good storyteller should never over exaggerate his content, because no one will ever believe your story if he finds you are making up the facts. A reliable story must be accountable and, to elevate its reliability, the two following points are valuable:
1.Accompany with photos and facts.
2.More focus on facts, less on description

IV.Emotional: resonate with your readers

While based on tangible facts, it is recommended to combine the story with emotional factors, so as to activate further interaction with your followers. An emotion-appealing story should make the readers feel like they identify themselves in the story. Therefore, the story’s background should better to be set according to situations that reflect modern life .


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