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What is content? The following is the answer given by website owners 10 years ago, “Content combined with external links is at the heart of marketing”. If we follow this pivotal concept, SEO’s results would be maximized and the content we are referring to includes websites’ content, which mostly consists of words and texts. However, we should also take into account that even a proper SEO is proved to be useless in the case solid content is lacking. As a matter of fact, the Internet is an information carrier, therefore, in order to realize a wide coverage and transmit information proficiently, a vast amount of feeds need to be input into the displaying platforms. 

Content-driven business are booming

From the perspective of industrial field, content is positioned at the top of the industry chain, with its importance ranking second only to capital. Equipped with solid content, it’s easier to produce audios, videos and games. Given the primary importance covered by content,  it should be addressed and taken into serious consideration by entrepreneurs.

Defined as innovation programs based on Internet, most products are presented through the software or hardware, such as APP or smart hardware. In brief, content on screen is usually an integration of texts, pics and videos, with the aim of optimizing users’ experience and increasing value-added service.

Key components and 7 changes of a content-driven business world

To keep pace with the ever-changing market, a solid content should include the following components: texts, audios, videos, brand concepts and services (value-added service online and offline). However, what really matters is to integrate all these factors to form the content rather than thoughtlessly release these content into products and services. This is the reason why many enterprises are responding by establishing content production teams.

Below are exposed on the changes of content related strategies, and are summarized in 7 key points :

First,content tends to be diversified. Dimensions are expanded than ever before to create abundant content.

Second,content snack is favored. The primary advantage of the spread of online culture lies in its speed. Various emerging cultures can be seeded and shared in an efficient way via the web.

Third,we are experiencing an escalation of content offering. Comprehensive and plentiful content, indeed, will attract users’ attention. Even though they may not have time to read your content right away, they will add your web to their favourites.

Four,exclusive content will be vital to beat the competition. By creating exclusive content, users will have no other choice but to check your website for acquiring the information they need.

Five,set a scene for each content. It is recommended to attach specific scenes to the content, so that users are more interested to access the information you provide. 

Six,make the content adaptable to different media platforms. With the rise of various smart devices, appropriate content is urgently required to be compatible to all sizes of display.

Seven,more content would be closely related with new startup business. WeChat, for instance, is used by many entrepreneurs, because its functions well respond to satisfy the early stages of a new company’s operations 

Eight,content becomes capitalized. Content will be classified as a new type of investment item, which can be frequently capitalized, purchased or resold.


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