Enhance SEO Ranking by Social Media Campaigns


For small business, using social media for marketing can enable them to further reach more customers, especially in China. Customers are interacting with brands through social media. Therefore, an effective social media marketing plan and more presence on the web are the key to tap into their interests in China. If being implemented correctly, marketing via social media can bring remarkable success to your business.


On the other hand, SEO is also a critical marketing tool for small business. In 2015, marketers started to realize the value of SEO, aligning their content to meet customers’ needs and improving mobile optimization for better results. After all, 50% of all mobile searches are conducted in the hope of finding local results, and 61% of those searches result in a purchase.


The challenge for small businesses today is how to leverage social platforms to effectively approach their target audiences through better website position on search engines, to ultimately grow their revenue streams.


However, there are specific strategies that you can put into actions to make your social media campaign earn double effects: engage users on social media and work to build up your search engine ranking.


Here are some ideas to leverage social media campaigns by SEO:


  1. Focus on building local brand awareness through social media strategies designed for local search. 

Snapchat offers on-demand geofilters that you can use to select certain geographical parameters and dates. Then, you can promote your brand by using social media campaigns that generate buzz and links connected with those geographical parameters. This is an ideal strategy if you have a local event that you want to attract your audience to through any searches they might conduct. In China, there is an approach to use Baidu Zhidao to elevate your brand in search engines by answering industry questions in the community forum online. For example, if you are in the payment industry and can answer questions about digital payments, like how to get your clients to pay on time, payment security or new payment technology, then you could post those responses on Baidu Zhidao community sites where those questions are asked and linked back to a page on your site or to a blog, so as to create the search engine connection.


  1. Improve indexing by using direct link sources. 

Some social media sites encourage SEO links to be directly included in the content you post on your pages. This content is continually crawled by search engines and that then are attracted to these direct links, providing access to index pages and gain traction among the search engine results. 


  1. Take advantage of the high domain authority and ranking potential of certain social sites by using reputation management campaigns. 

To have more opportunities to be listed on the search results, a brand needs to create profiles that include target keywords, and then you may improve your search engine ranking. The more search listings of your brand, the better your campaign results will be.


  1. Leverage the integration of new social media content into Baidu or Google search results. 

Search engines are now integrating social media content into search results, providing more opportunities for social media campaign content to get a higher ranking. For example, you can use business reviews, videos and images as well as social status updates. These social sites together can provide more exposure. 


  1. Utilize social paid search to gain more link building. 

Your social media campaign strategy can include paid social ads, which also helps with your search engine ranking. Target those people who may link to you, such as journalists or major publications to build more links to draw the attention of search engines. While it need some budget to do social paid search, it has shown great results in terms of higher ranking, more traffic and more leads.

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