How can Tourism Enterprises Better Understand their Customers when Doing B2B Content Marketing?


Marketing is now a hot topic that all industries are talking about, let alone the tourism industry. For B2C enterprises, there can be various B2C marketing strategies, whether creative or tactful; While B2B marketing should be straightforward, precise and formal, for the customers of B2B companies are mainly enterprises. By using the same pattern to tell different stories, the B2B marketing in the whole tourism industry now tends to be boring and stereotyped. Then what’s the difference between 2B marketing and 2C marketing? What are the effective 2C marketing strategies more suitable for tourism enterprises?

88% of 2B marketers believe that content marketing is an important part of marketing; while for the tourism industry content marketing is a low-cost and high-return way among all the B2B marketing tools. However, tourism companies themselves need to pay special attention to many details when doing content marketing.

You need to know your customers well before starting the content marketing. You must know what factors are usually taken into consideration when customers select a channel. Then you could imbed these factors in your content.

Firstly, tourism companies need to figure out what category their customers fall in. In marketing, customers are divided into three categories:

1. The first category: B2C

Here, C-end refers to the customer group that has a relatively short decision-making process for purchasing, such as FMGG. By adopting various creative and interesting means of marketing or buying impressions, tourism companies can reach this group quickly and achieve sales conversion effectively.

2. The second category: Business to Small Business and Big Customer.

Small Business refers to partners, channels and SaaS companies, etc. Big Customer refers to the customer group with high value per customer transaction, typically in the education, finance, auto, medical and medical beauty industries. Tourism B2B marketing also falls into this category.

3. The third category: Business to Big Business.

This category refers to those big businesses such as Microsoft. This category only accounts for a small proportion with no more than 1,000 of such companies in China. Compared to the aforementioned two categories, this high-end marketing field enjoys totally different marketing tactics.

4. Besides, tourism companies need to know the features of their customers.

The reason why the purchase decision-making process for tourism B2B companies is so long lies in the fact that this customer group would not buy the product when they just know one aspect of it. The commercial value is an essential factor that they would take into consideration when making a purchase decision. Besides, the decision is usually made by a team. All these factors make B-end customers more rational and stable than C-end ones, who are more emotional and tends to be attracted quite easily by funny but useless content. Furthermore, in B2B marketing B-end customers will not achieve sales conversion simply by purchasing impressions. B2B customer representatives must make decisions based on their companies’ interests. Therefore, B2B companies need to pay special attention to three targets when doing content marketing: precise, accurate and practical.

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