WeChat Has Never Been Abandend in Spite of QQ MP's Impact


Last week, 3000 available MPs(Media Platform) were released for enterprises to participate in the beta test held by Tencent, with 110,000 persons applying for the registration. It actually has been a while since QQ MP first started to test its operational effect, and in comparison with other platforms, it differentiated itself from the others by whom QQ was targeting at and how QQ MP was defined. 

QQ MP is expected to address entertainment.
WeChat Official Account manages to interpret its position with the Slogan “Regardless of the operational scale, every business deserves an exclusive brand”. Professionals and insiders of the industry will be striking the moment QQ MP is officially released. My opinion is that this new module will be associated more with entertainment, which is driven by the consumers born after 1995 and 2000, also because of the internal demand from QQ itself.

It is unlikely for WeChat to be replaced since it has deeply rooted in the mobile world.

“No company can have an eternal business life, and Facebook is no exception” said by Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook. But WeChat is going for a prosperous future in result from users’ active engagement and close relation with numerous advertisers, which will further push forward its sustained growth in the near future.

Besides, as the platform becomes popular among the audiences, partners will have the opportunity to gain more bonus with broader space to expand, which in turn create more independent vertical communities.

It’s too early to discuss whether WeChat is going to be replaced at the moment. WeChat is unlikely to be overshadowed by other social media platforms of similar types since it has deeply rooted in the mobile Internet world. To change this situation, one of the biggest problems is the relationship that is fostered in the long time of interaction between customers and business owners, which is closely integrated with the whole social network spreading across WeChat.

Network of relationships is like a pool full of fishes, in which, everyone struggles to be the biggest one.

At present, many people prefer to build communities on WeChat, and all these communities including verticle communities, post bars and  Douban groups attract audiences’ attention and further enable them to join via first tackling some kind of fundamental problems solely owned by and still bothering these people.

It shall be highly valued in the operation of communities that network of relationships is like a pool full of fishes, in which, everyone struggles to be the biggest one.

These similar features, such as classmates, same age, same habits or same Circle of Friend, gather together and turn into a pool of relationship, in which, everyone strives for the position as the big fish to get a feeling of superiority over the others.


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