The Opening of the China Mobile Community Summit Symbolizes the Ecological Strategy Established by Tencent


On 6th August, the first session of China Mobile Community Summit with the theme of “have fan and have fun” was held in Beijing. At the Meeting, Tencent QQ launch an ecological strategy based on its three shields – QQ group chatting, release China Mobile Community Report with Tencenology to observe and outline the current conditions of China mobile community and further indicate that the whole community has stepped into a web 3.0 era of connect everywhere. 

The development history of China Internet is the transformation of communities. Earliest from BBS, QQ group chatting, post bar, Douban, SNS, Weibo, and now is WeChat, QQ blog etc. Mobile Community never stop growing. Daosheng Tang said, QQ app is playing an important role of connecting not only people and people, but also community and service to create a wider and better business ecosystem. QQ app has owned many successful community runners combining QQ group chatting with offline business service to demonstrate what is the most close to the general public O2O mode. 
We hope content-providers and App developers can find out a New Blue Ocean in community commercialization by offering different communities more varied contents and tools through open platform. It is said that this is also the three BAT magnates’ first measure for strategy arrangement in Mobile Community 

The Golden age of Mobile Community
Sociologist Rheingold firstly proposed the concept of ‘virtual community’, which means a group of people breakthrough the regional restriction with Internet to interact, communicate and share the information and knowledge. It forms a special network containing common interests and hobbies which finally turn into the common sense and emotion of community. In the era of Internet, Internet community is the main battlefield of users’ social interaction, with the rise of mobile internet, real-time online communication in the fragmented state in common and the concept of fans, fans economy, mobile community, community economy are becoming a new wave of hot spots in the industry.

Financial author Xiaobo Wu indicates that the core features of community are self-organizing and reproductive. Community should obey the rules of making good content, interacting and mutual benefit operating. In the mobile community era, the model community, interest community, brand community, the knowledge community, instrumental community and the blend of community of ecology spring up. The size, play and strength of mobile community will be braced for a big explosion. There are a large number of unknown opportunities here. As is known, QQ groups of Xiaobo Wu’s fans Channel have been established in 81 cities. 30 of them have chosen out class committees. The Amount of total people in QQ groups has been beyond 30,000 and the amount in SH, BJ and GZ has break through 4000. In the past one year, Shanghai book club had conducted more than 300 offline campaigns about entrepreneurship, finance, outdoor, travel and reading. At the same time, it started to try to develop profitable experiments with Meng jinghui play, the morning stationery and Everyday Orchard etc.

The latest release of 36th China Internet network development statistic report from CNNIC indicates that, there are 668 million Internet users in our country, and the mobile internet users are up to 594 million. The proportion of mobile internet users has increased up 88.9%. With the improving of screen and app experience, the trend of using mobile phone as online social interaction terminal is more and more obvious. 

As far as Daosheng Tang concerned, commercial opportunities and the playing methods of mobile community will be more with the upgrade of mobile community. Tencent open platform strategies will come into its 5th year. Accumulative total benefit has been beyond 100 million, which turns more than 10 listed enterprises into truth. The opening up of the QQ community system means that a new wave of innovation and commercial opportunities are coming. It is time for community operators and app developers seize the chances. 

Vice president, Yu Yin from Tencent says that, the development of internet community goes through two historical periods, the first is from 2002 to 2005, QQ group, post bar, Renren and Kaixin were born and opened the golden age of PC community. From 2012 to 2015, WeChat group, post bar group, Momo group, interest clans and mobile community’s golden age comes. With the wave of mobile community, interest clans accumulated more than 200 thousand clans and nearly 100 million users in a month after it was released for only one year. QQ hopes to grab the golden age for mobile community and dedicates to join the party with business partners and third party enterprises through strategies like open business etc. 

The open platform strategy for QQ group is leading mobile community system to embrace Web 3.0 Age
It is reported that Tencent will support partners in app service, cash channel, traffic support, Tencent Cloud Basic Technology’s solutions  through QQ group’s API opening policy. So far the total number of app servants is up to 30 each day to serve thousands of communities and this number is on an upward trajectory and poised for explosive growth in the future. Especially the cash channel must be mentioned here. 

Tencent introduced the QQ community partner share plan which will connect with QQ pay and the app developer own each penny earned and will connect with Guangdiantong and both the developer and all partners will share the profit earned by advertising.

The social relations among users are diversified, which is basically something between acquaintance and stranger, more like e-acquaintances and this has become the mainstream and with the singular singular-way or multiple-way interactions will definitely enrich information flow. However, the varied labels and key-words will category those users who share the same interest. So you can image how boisterous will it be. With the placement of three important parts: QQ group, QQ blog and QQ public account, you can see huge potential.

On 12th August, Tencent released the unaudited second-quarter results. The second-quarter’s total revenue is CNY 23,429 billion (USD 3,832 billion), increased 19% in the same period compared with last year. The first half year’s total revenue is CNY 45,828 bared with last year. The key data of its main platform is as below.

QQ monthly active PC user number is up to 843 million and rose 2% in the same period compared with a year earlier. QQ monthly active app user number is up to 627 million and increased 20% in the same period compared with last year. The highest PCU record is 233 million, grew 13% in the same period compared with last year. WeChat monthly active app user number is up to 600 million and increased 37% in the same period compared with last year. Qzone monthly active PC user number is up to 659 million and rose 2% in the same period compared with a year earlier. Qzone monthly active app user number is up to 574 million, rose 15% in the same period compared with a year earlier. Paid registration account number is 84 million and declined 4% in the same period compared with last year.

QQ public account is coming, what marketing people are thinking about?

1. There will be a large group of people and enterprises rushing towards register “domain names” for QQ public account one after one.
2. As an efficient part of Tencent’s advertising business, Corporate QQ account has its own advantage. During the process of commercialization, it must add more elements to better meet advertisers’ needs.
3. At the early stage of a personal authentication method will be moderately easy and WeChat, Weibo certification information could also be considered. As for corporate authentication, it will be approved directly. 
4. The combination of QQ public account and Certificated Qzone is interesting because it will enlarge the number of users and enrich the UCG. You might not see the chicken soup articles that much as some WeChat public accounts posted all the time.
5. Wechat public accounts are mainly serve the people from first-second tier city and their circumjacent O2O scenario while QQ public accounts will serve the people from third-fourth tier city striving to occupy the entrance and value transformation of e-commerce, WeChat business entrance and value transformation
6. The marketing approach has changed a little bit. WeChat friends are among real friends and strangers, while QQ public account is based on QQ user who has natural and historical advantage in trust degree.

Rules of the game:
1. Focus on the young.
The ‘95s QQ users are more and more active and account for a large percentage of 44.36% which rank the first.
2. Focus on public praise.
The ‘90s and ‘95s have unique taste and attitude towards brands and they rather trust real friends and experience than advertisement. Therefore, QQ public account will be improved based on Qzone and WeChat Moments.
3. Focus on common interest. 
QQ public account will post content according to user’s features and preference with higher accuracy comparing with WeChat public account.


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